Who's to Blame for Bursting Obama's Bubble?

The New York Times' Bill Keller knows


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BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: How is the book, Greg?

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Not enough pictures.

Welcome back to "The Five." So in the Sunday New York Times, editor Bill Keller realized there was no God. He looked at President Obama and smelled failure, a failure to match his own dreams about a brand new presidency or a brave new one. Keller is sad. But he can't blame Obama just yet. Instead, of course, there's Bush.

Keller writes that Obama's problems are Bush's, only three years older. And don't forget the evil Republicans. They are evil and Republican. Keller mentions the "inevitable disenchantment of the president's supporters," which he means himself, which is kind of like a chef complaining that the food at his own restaurant sucks. It was Keller's euphoric support after all that created the Obama bubble now bursting before our eyes.

But who does Keller to really blame? Bob will love it -- the Tea Party. He hates them because they dislike Obama, which to him is a denial of belief. If you don't believe in Obama you believe in nothing, you are godless. So here you have a major media kingpin admitting to something we knew all along, when it came to Obama the media was head over heels. Now they're just heels.

Dana, last week we did a story on Gawker saying there was a piece in The New York Times about how Obama might be depressed.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: They're working on it.

GUTFELD: You can tell, because he is depressed.

PERINO: To me, this is -- the Gawker has reported an unsubstantiated story they're working on, could Obama be depressed? Who knows if that is really coming or not?

One of the things about The New York Times is it's getting boring. This is absolutely predictable. I realize we made a mistake earlier when we were talking about Ron Suskind's book that came out about the White House. President Bush made them corporate with them. Now we know who is to blame.

BECKEL: I would like to weigh in for a second.

GUTFELD: Are you sure you want to, Bob?

BECKEL: I do. What does nihilist mean?

GUTFELD: A believer in nothing. Godless.

BECKEL: Good. That's Republicans.

The fact of the matter is I am not going to blame Bush, although I would love to. The Republicans have been the party of no and have stopped never initiative possible they can. They haven't been able to stop them all to do what Mitch McConnell said they started out to do. Can you imagine the minority leader saying our job is to stop president getting a second term?

PERINO: It's not as bad as calling the opponent your enemies.

BECKEL: The Tea Party, I'm not going to say anything. There are perfectly nice people the Tea Party. But let's meet them on the battlefield of elections and we open whip their butts. Then we'll see what happens.


ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Head-to-head they're all beating your guy.

GUTFELD: The other guy in Chicago, the board of Chicago Sun Times that said he should do one person? Are they preparing --

BOLLING: They have a low expectation thing. Play a game, expect low and deliver high. I don't know. There is disenchantment on the left. He wasn't far enough left because he was playing around with the Bush tax cut.

PERINO: Playing around? He signed them.

BOLLING: I'm saying he moved to the center and then the left says you're not left enough. So now this latest deficit reduction -- you can't go any further left --

PERINO: Can we run the clip tomorrow of President Obama signing the Bush tax cut? Run it over and over again.

BECKEL: We wouldn't have had a budget otherwise. There is disenchantment on the left. We have gone to the right to meet these idiots halfway, three quarters of the way. The fact of the matter is he has to move back left. He should. That is where the base is. When the base rises up, it's a powerful force.

GUTFELD: Let me ask you something, real quick. Isn't Bill Keller because he is in the media, he's like a wife that keeps packing the bags and threatening to leave but she is not going to leave because there is no one else out there besides Obama.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: That's the problem. The democrats, the big fundraisers I know on the west coast. He said look, we're so upset with this guy. We thought he would be it. This is the messiah. He disappointed them and this is a man that is changing his position. He's going, I'm going for Bush tax cuts. Now we'll peel those back and I'm not raises taxes. Now he is doing it.

Bill Keller makes a good point, though. That is one thing he said that is a problem with Obama, but he blames Bush first. If he gets a second term is Obama still blaming Bush?


PERINO: I think the disappointment on the left will be alleviated soon because I think President Obama decided I am not going to play this moving to the center game anymore. I will be who I am. The left is calling for be more divisive, be more tough. Could you rename something that President Obama wanted he hasn't gotten?

BECKEL: The left is being more divisive than the right --

PERINO: No. I'm saying the happen --

BECKEL: They are a bunch of right wingers. Your analogy about move the bag pack and moving out -- my wife packed and didn't move out which was a real problem.


BOLLING: The deficit reduction plan put together is as far left socialist agenda as you could go. His left who wants more divisiveness. They want more far left liberal platform want to see more --

PERINO: You could go farther left.

GUILFOYLE: He wants the money.

BECKEL: Stop saying socialist.

GUILFOYLE: They want to turn in the cash to get re-elected because he doesn't care, because if he really cared about the country --

BECKEL: Come on.

GUILFOYLE: -- he would do the best for Americans and tax cut and stop raise, taxes.

BECKEL: Tease us out of here. Before they get in trouble they don't want to get in to.

GUTFELD: There is more on "The Five." Don't go away. See how easy that was?

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