Online Group Wants to Occupy Wall Street

Will you heed call for American Spring?


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: [Saturday] is a big day for losers. That's when some groups plan to stage a demonstration in New York City. An online group called Occupy Wall Street and call for thousands of lefties to -- quote -- "flood into lower Manhattan, set up tents, and occupy it for a few months."

I got nothing against this. America is all about having your voice heard, no matter how stupid the voice may be. See "The View." But a few things get up my girdle. Once there, we shall incessantly repeat our one simple demand until Barack Obama capitulates. What is that demand? They'll let us know once they get result of the Facebook poll. Supporters can vote on it from voices like "revoke corporate personhood" -- I don't know what that means -- "abolish capitalism," Bob wrote that, "end war, close military bases," and get a free shower. I would get behind that one.

But the worst part how they say they are inspired by the Arab spring protest. Let's remember, people were killed in Egypt, Yemen and Syria for something. Mentioning your little picnic in the same breath relating it to the risks those people took should embarrass the twerps and their parents, who I imagine are probably embarrassed enough already.

Bob, before I get to this, you're with the "Commie Manifesto." When someone buys the book do they get money for that? Does it get redistributed to --

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: It goes Karl Marx Foundation for the Advancement of Civilization.

GUTFELD: Are you going tomorrow?

BECKEL: If I were here I would. I'm going home.

GUTFELD: While they're protesting you're getting a massage.

BECKEL: I'll get a real massage when I'm at home.

This is easy to make fun of this, but these same people there, none of whom went to jail or paid penalty, have left people homeless. They ruined their careers and ruined their 401(k)s and retirement program selling the fraudulent mortgages, fraudulent everything they could think of to make a buck. Wall Street is so revered in this country. It is a dump, a place where people who rip people off, average Americans and they ought to be shut down.

GUTFELD: So why did they put it in the Facebook poll?

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: You should run the protest.

BECKEL: Name one of these who have gone to jail?

BOLLING: You know who should go to jail, Bob? Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, and Chuck Schumer who in 2005 said should let's roll the dice and take a chance and let's make sure everyone who wants a house should get a house.

BECKEL: That's the excuse by you?


GUTFELD: I didn't think it was going to get this serious.

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: You know how the two of them get.

GUTFELD: I know!

TANTAROS: Wall Street on a Saturday, have you been down there. No one is there. If they had guts, they'd go in the week and protest when the bankers are around.

BECKEL: Too many Lamborghinis on the street.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: It's like "I am Legend" down there. Nobody is there but zombies from the night before. This is a joke.


BOLLING: They'll pitch tents and dance to "Thriller."

GUTFELD: I might go for that.

BECKEL: I would say to my friends, take it to East Hampton or the private jet areas where the rich bankers making money off of the backs and lives and savings off to the summer place.


GUTFELD: Bob, I bash hippies you bash the rich.

Michelle Obama is in the news again. I guess she's been working with the guy behind the Olive Garden, Red Lobster and four other popular restaurant chains and following her lead pledging to reduce calories and sodium in the meals and overhaul the kid's menu.

This is what's interesting. Drew Madsen, the president of Darden Restaurants, says the company will reduce calories and sodium by 20 percent over 10 years. They will make fruit and vegetables part of the restaurant options, which I thought was always there. The other thing, if a child wants French fries or a sweetened drink, an adult has to ask. Wasn't that always the case? The kids don't go to Olive Garden by themselves.

GUILFOYLE: Take me right now to long John Silver.

TANTAROS: Are those warm?

BOLLING: They're cold. McDonald's isn't part of the deal. Michelle Obama got together with a different company than McDonald's. But this isn't the problem. This is real. This is a large French fry. This is a kid's fry. If I brought my son home this French fry -- count how many there are. There are 10 French fries in this. Parents should make the choice --


BECKEL: What is wrong with her trying to keep salt away from children?

GUTFELD: Because I love salt.


BECKEL: What is wrong with her fighting obesity. Take all the salt you want. We're talking about kids. Let them eat these things.

GUILFOYLE: It's a question of priority.

BECKEL: We have these skinny, beautiful women. Every time we put them on the set, these two eat everything. They eat the French fries right now. How you stay so skinny, I don't know.

GUILFOYLE: All the worry and fret.

TANTAROS: By the way, we're going out to dinner on Bob's Obama card after the show.

GUTFELD: Olive Garden can do whatever they want. If they have bottomless bread sticks we'll get fatter.

TANTAROS: Amazing.


BOLLING: Bottomless bread sticks. I can say that. That is the only thing worthwhile going to olive garden.

BECKEL: You're Italian, you can say what? I won't say anything else.

GUTFELD: Of course you won't, Bob.

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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All of a sudden, bam! I just got slammed and turned like a rocket.



BECKEL: How did you get that footage of me?

GUILFOYLE: Is that you, Bob?

BECKEL: I used to be like that all the time.

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