Common Sense

Cavuto: Congress Needs to Get Back to Work

World's burning and you're on vacation


Far be it from me to spoil Congress' vacation...but...

How can I put this?

Children cover your ears...

Get your asses back here!!!


...because while you're working on that flash...

The world's burning!

And time's a-wasting.

And to show you how bad things are...

The French -- you heard me right -- the French -- are working.

Nicholas Sarkozy cutting short his holiday to address this same hell.

And apparently avoid our same downgraded fate.

So if "Nic" can get on the stick,..

"You," congress can get on the stick.

And that goes for you too, Mr. President.

I don't care where you hash things out. Martha's Vineyard would be a lovely venue.

Just order in...Because you've got to debt mess worked out.

You've got to cut a lot more. Go after entitlements a lot more. And generally, just clamp down on spending a lot more.

You've got to bury your respective hatchets and hatch something that looks remotely credible.

Just call it a working vacation.

But do it now. Rooms at Martha’s Vineyard I hear are booking up.

Think of the big picture, guys, there'll be plenty of time for rest after you're forcibly retired.

You could do worse than to get out of the sun and into the frying pan right now.

Take a look around. You already are.

And you'll win points for buckling down.

And not letting a short French dude show you up.