Rep. Jordan Rates 'Cut, Cap and Balance'

Ohio Republican on debt proposals, slashing spending


STUART VARNEY, GUEST HOST: Now, take a look at this. The majority of independents, 61 percent of them, say Republicans should give in and raise taxes in order to get a debt deal. That is 61 percent.

To Republican Congressman Jim Jordan from Ohio.

Congressman, does that worry you?

REP. JIM JORDAN, R-OHIO: Well, I think, if you would look at the poll, and if they would ask American citizens, do you realize that the tax increases come now and all the supposed spending cuts, well, they may materialize in the future, but if you look at past Congresses, we never get to the spending cuts, you tell the truth to the American people, they would say no, no, no, no, then don’t -- we don’t want that kind of deal. That’s the old deal that Washington plays on us all the time, and we understand that’s not going to work.

VARNEY: Well, there was a very similar wording to a question in the same poll, said, look, would you -- it asked independents, it said, do you want Republican leaders to compromise to get a debt deal? Nothing about taxes.


VARNEY: Do you want them to compromise? 68 percent said yes. Yes, get out there and compromise.

JORDAN: Stuart...

(CROSSTALK) VARNEY: That’s real pressure on you guys.

JORDAN: No, we did that last night.

Last night was a bill that 234 members of the House of Representatives passed. Five Democrats supported it. It was the compromise. It was the plan. It said, look, we are willing to raise the debt ceiling, but only if we do the things that fix the country, cut spending now, cap it as a percentage of our economy going forward, and get the real game-changer, a balanced budget amendment to the United States Constitution, which everyone knows is the only thing that will ultimately fix the problem and secure the future for our kids and our grandkids.

That is the compromise. But that’s the plan that works. That’s what we should stand strong for.

VARNEY: Listen to what I have just received. This is just into me.

Senate Democratic Leaders Durbin and Reid return from the White House. Durbin said that the president, President Obama, made clear no short-term extension. That implies there might be a Boehner plan that’s coming forward.

What do you make of this?

JORDAN: The Boehner plan was last night. Again, the ‘Gang of Six’ -- let’s go with the gang of 234, the gang...


JORDAN: ... members last night who supported -- put a plan on the table that actually fixes the problem. That’s what we need to focus on.

VARNEY: Nobody -- that is absolutely true, sir, but nobody I know says that this cut, cap and balance program can get through the Senate. I don’t anybody who says it’s going to get through.

(CROSSTALK) VARNEY: So, bearing that in mind, is it not possible that Speaker Boehner will come through with another plan?

JORDAN: Stuart, I fail to accept that premise.

If we always listened to conventional wisdom, we would never attempt and accomplish anything that really matters. In fact, if the founders would have listened to conventional wisdom, there would be no United States of America. So this idea that this can’t get through the Senate, let’s see.

Let’s let Harry Reid bring it up for a vote. Let’s have a real debate. And, frankly, let’s have the president of the United States put his plan on the table.


JORDAN: I’d love to have his plan out there and our plan and let’s have a two-week debate in this country and then let’s see who wins.

VARNEY: You don’t necessarily have two weeks to debate it.

JORDAN: I’ll take 10 days. I’ll take any...

VARNEY: If this comes up in the Senate tomorrow or Friday, or whenever, and it’s voted down -- let’s go with me for a second -- and it’s voted down, then would you accept a compromise of any kind, which the American people seem to be wanting?

JORDAN: I’m not going to accept tax increases, because we know that’s not going to be conducive to economic growth. Every -- you understand that. I understand it.

And if you tell the American people truth, that if we have tax increases, that’s going to hurt job creation, they won’t be for it as well. If you tell them the truth, that the tax increases come now, and the spending cuts may come in the future, they won’t be for it.

So, let’s just tell the truth and let’s focus on fixing the problem, not playing political games, not some McConnell plan, some not crazy ‘Gang of Six’ plan, not some president plan that we never see.


JORDAN: Let’s go with the plan that’s out there that has passed the House of Representatives.

VARNEY: Now, I’m not saying this. I am simply telling you what the establishment media is saying. They’re calling you isolated. They’re calling you an extremist. You’re a hold out. You’re stubborn. You’re standing in the way.

JORDAN: 234, including five Democrats, supported a plan last night in the House of Representatives. This plan actually had debate. This plan went through the House of Representatives, like the Constitution says it’s supposed to be -- supposed to do.

It’s over in the Senate. No other plan has done that. No other plan’s even been put on paper, let alone be passed by one body in the legislative branch of government.


JORDAN: What is wrong with that kind of plan? Harry Reid, have the guts to bring it up for a vote.

VARNEY: OK. So, that’s where you stand?


JORDAN: That’s where a lot of members stand, not just me. A lot of conservative members in the House of Representatives stand right there.

VARNEY: But, you know, Congresswoman Bachmann, Michele Bachmann, voted against it.

JORDAN: Yeah, but 229 Republicans voted for it. I’ll tell you that.

VARNEY: OK. I think we have got leave it there.



VARNEY: It would appear to be an impasse, no compromise on your part whatsoever.

All right, Congressman Jim Jordan, we appreciate you being with us, sir. Thank you very much.

JORDAN: You bet.

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