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Sarah Palin: 'Undefeated' and Undecided in Iowa

Sarah Palin attends premiere of documentary about her term as governor as questions loom on White House run


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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: President Obama and Congresswoman Bachmann are not the only ones in Iowa today. So is former Governor Palin. She's in Iowa for the premiere of the documentary "The Undefeated." It's all about Sarah Palin as governor of Alaska. She watched the film in Iowa two hours from where President Obama was today. And that's where we find Griff Jenkins with the inside scoop.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All of the 50 governors in the United States she was sitting at the desk as one of the most powerful and wasn't afraid to use those powers.


JENKINS: Greta, not every political story here in Iowa involves presidential candidates. The president in Davenport today, Michele Bachmann in Waterloo yesterday. Tonight we are in Iowa where governor Palin and her husband Todd turned out for the premiere of the movie "The Undefeated," a movie about the life of Sarah Palin and her rise in politics.

What do you think of the reception you're getting here in Iowa?


JENKINS: I spoke to a veteran, and he told me needs you to get into the presidential race. Will you answer his request?

PALIN: I appreciate his request and encouragement. I know what he's talking about. He's talking about someone who encapsulates American values and is understanding of the need to protect our constitution and the people like our veterans.

It is a tough decision, a big decision to decide whether to run for office or not. I'm still contemplating. I can't say enough about a veteran and somebody who poses a question like that coming from a veteran.

JENKINS: Your daughter Bristol said you made a decision. Can you tell us what it is?

PALIN: I texted her and said, "Honey what did you say this morning on a news program?" She said mom you have to watch. You know how they make everything out of context. I said you remember: "What we say on the fishing boat stays on the fishing boat."

JENKINS: She said you definitely made a decision.

PALIN: I'm still thinking about the decision. A lot goes into such a life changing decision. So I'm still thinking about it.

JENKINS: Thank you very much.

PALIN: Thanks, Griff.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sarah had courage to try. She had taken on the system already. She was right and the public knew she was right and had the courage to take it on. Before that became evident I think was what propelled her forward.


JENKINS: Steve Bannon is the director of "The Undefeated." Steve, your world premiere is in Pella, Iowa.

STEPHEN K. BANNON, DIRECTOR, "THE UNDEFEATED": At the historic opera house. We looked at over 100 locations to have something that was appropriate to have "The Undefeated," the tenacity, grit and fortitude to the American frontier. It has been restored and it fits naturally with the film. The people have been great, fantastic experience.

JENKINS: Why should Americans see it?

BANNON: This film transcends politics. It is about how someone who is totally obscure, how someone rises and confronts the modern world and make changes. For people it's an inspirational film, first of all. For young people, you are going to see someone who doesn't have a rich father, wealthy husband. She's married to a blue-collar guy. When the film starts, she's working on a commercial fishing boat which she co-owns. You see her struggles and achievements at every level of life at Wasilla and as governor of Alaska, and then with the Tea Party. So I think it is a very inspirational film. That's why guys in Hollywood are putting it out in theaters throughout the country.