Common Sense

Cavuto: Weiner Doesn't Matter

Americans should be concerned about important stuff, not Weiner


NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: In just a few hours, we'll know.

...whether this solar flare that erupted from the sun yesterday and finally makes its way here...

Does anything weird here.

NASA says no.

I'm not so sure.

Because even if it doesn't...from what I'll just be a preview to coming attractions.

...apparently we're approaching what astronomers call the "solar maximum."

And when it hits around 2013 or's gonna stick around a while...likely 11 years...

When the sun's magnetic field reverses its orientation.

So maybe these are just the "warning" flares.

I don't know.

This much I do.

The timing's weird.

The sun "flaring"...while we're "flailing."

Preoccupied by a horny congressman and weird stuff he sends "online"...

And refusing to address spiraling spending and just get "on the stick."

Let me re-phrase that "stick" analogy, in light of Mr. Weiner...

You know what I mean.

We gotta quit "limping" along here....

Sorry again.

But I think we're witnessing a”shrinkage" in resolve?


I just mean we're refusing to make the "hard" choices.

And "stand up" to the status quo.

But no...we're more hot and bothered by things that don't matter...

Than a very hot and bothered sun that really should matter.

None of you find the timing odd?

Look up.

God is looking down.

And he ain't happy.

Forget about sexting.

He's sizzling.

Too late for prophylactics.

I'm talking...


So enjoy the night. I'm sure NASA's right.

Nothing to worry about.

They just tweeted me...

Nothing to worry all.