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Cavuto: This Recovery Stinks

We spent billions on stimulus, we haven't stimulated much


NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: We're in deep. Time to go long.

As you've no doubt of this new month of June...this recovery is officially two years old.

And I can tell you, it officially stinks.

By any measure, by any prior recovery, it ain't much of a recovery.

I'm not here to bash the president.

As he has so often stated, he inherited a mess.

But I don't think that gives him license to create a bigger mess.

Because the fact of the matter is for all the hundreds of billions we spent on stimulus, growing signs we ain't much stimulated.

In fact, we could be going in reverse. Economists call that a "double-dip"...the very real possibility the economy dips back into a recession.

I don't know.

This much I do...

When housing prices keep falling...

And factory orders keep dropping...

And consumer confidence numbers keep spiraling...I start wondering...

Maybe throwing more money at the problem isn't the answer...maybe it's at the core of the problem.

Two years in, we've dug a hole from which it seems nearly impossible to dig out.

At the very least, I say, stop digging.

Again, blame whoever you want...this president, the last president, all presidents, all parties, all spending, all the time.

Here's all I’m saying on spending.


We're spent. We're done. We're broke.

And when you're broke, you're not only out of money, you're out of options.

That's why this whole strategic investing thing floors me.

It assumes we have money to strategically invest.

We don't. We're broke. Hope might spring eternal. Unfortunately, our resources do not.

That's why our dollar stinks. That's the world telling us "we" stink.

Two years in...I can't believe this merky recovery hasn't helped us figure this out...

We're a joke.

It's time to get serious.

Greece protests with nats

And take a look at Greece.

Out of dough. Out of time. Out of patience.

So beware Greeks bearing "fists."

They're just setting the stage...

For us.