Common Sense

Cavuto: Netanyahu, Christie Move On

Leaders get back up, despite being knocked down


NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF "YOUR WORLD": I don't know if Chris Christie or Benjamin Netanyahu know each other.

But I suspect each are kindred spirits.

Each gets knocked down.

And then...moves on.

The Israeli prime minister after getting slapped down by a U.S. president...

The New Jersey governor after getting shot down by his state's supreme court.

Both are humbling events.

For a Middle East leader who might now feel abandoned....

A rising governor who might now feel grounded...

Because Netanyahu’s been told to give back some land.

And Christie has been told to give back some money.

Netanyahu lectured by a president for not giving enough...

Christie by some judges for cutting too much.

You'd think they'd get petty. Maybe vindictive.

But not a trace of that from Netanyahu speaking to congress today.

Or even a hint of that from Christie, promising to honor the will of the court today.

They know the powers that be...but reached out to the far more powerful forces that are.

People. Ordinary people.

Impressed by a prime minister who spoke his mind.

And a governor who used his mind.

The governor choosing not to waste time fighting New Jersey judges.

But keeping the focus on waste, period, fighting for New Jersey residents.

In the court of public opinion each won today.

One, by appealing to reason in a world of terror.

The other, by being reasonable in a state still in financial terror.

...which is why they're saying Benjamin Netanyahu’s a winner, even though he might have lost a president.

And Chris Christie’s a winner, even though he might have lost a state supreme court.

Their vision is clear.

They figure average folks still clearly like their vision.