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Cavuto: RIP America's Financial Future

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: Let it be known that this is the day America’s financial future died.

I want you to write it down.

May 10th, 2011.

The day tea partiers elected to the United States Senate not only caved.

They quit.

They folded their spending tent and left.

And all because some Medicare recipients stomped their feet and roared.

And those Republicans ran into their buzz-saw and just bugged out.

I am telling you. They didn't just blink. They bolted.

Which is odd...

Because Republican senators like Pat Toomey and Marco Rubio got to where they are promising big cuts.

Then they ran into this big old wall...

They discovered folks were fine with cutting spending.

But in the case of some Medicare recipients, just not "their" spending.

It is a familiar story. Cut. Just don't cut my stuff.

So now my friends...we are all stuffed.

Republicans in the senate say because the reality is Democrats control the senate today.

So they're keeping their powder dry for when they control the senate some day.

Which is why they're putting off things like Medicare until after 2012.

As if the stark realities we're facing will be any less after 2012.

They won't.

I can understand their political math.

But I fear a far more unfriendly math.

By then, by then, likely one and a half trillion dollars more in debt.

And not even a game plan as to how to hack that debt.

They say they'll focus then. But I fear it will be too late then.

No wonder all this talk of a third party now.

The grand old party has botched it.

Time was of the essence and now the time has gone.

And now "they're" of the essence.

And now "they're" the ones now risking being gone.

History will show it started this day.

The tenth of May, 2011.

When they gave up the fight.

And they lost the war.

The spring day in 2011, they lost something else.

Their soul.

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