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Cavuto: Our Relationship with Pakistan Is Nuts

This is a rush transcript from "Your World," May 3, 2011. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: So...there you have it.

We've learned today that our country's relationship with Pakistan is not a disaster.

It's just complicated.

"Complicated but important."

That's how White House press secretary Jay Carney describes it.

And I’m thinking to myself:

"Self, this isn't complicated. This is nuts."

Either Pakistan’s a friend or it is not.

And if it is a friend, why wouldn't you give 'em a heads-"up" you're going "in" to take Usama bin Laden "out"?

Because CIA director Leon Panetta feared someone might snitch.

Nothing complicated about that.

He simply didn't trust them.

And for good reason.

It was getting really hard to believe them.

...that they had no idea the weird mansion with the weird walls and the weird family that never returned kids' soccer balls kicked over those walls...and all neighboring a Pakistani military installation not more than a thousand feet from those walls...

No one in Pakistan knew. No one asked. No one in this town of military personnel even wondered about the modern day Boo Radley in their "To Kill a Mockingbird" midst.

That's not complicated.

That's stupid.

All these years he was there. All these years’ Pakistani officials swore he wasn't there.

A few dozen miles from their capitol.

All the while happily taking more and more of our capital.

Let me tell you something about relationships.

Even the most complicated, come down to trust.

And after spending more than 18 billion bucks on this one...

It is pretty clear now we couldn't buy it with Pakistan.

We didn't get it with Pakistan.

And i don't think there's anything complicated about saying, these guys weren't and aren't worth it.

Lesson learned.

Money burned.

A complicated relationship?

How about...

No relationship.

I commend the president for bringing our greatest enemy down.

Let's not muddy the achievement trying talk a devious so-called friend...up.