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Cavuto: 'We All Need Closure'

This is a rush transcript from "Your World," May 2, 2011. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: I remember talking to a 9-11 widow after she received news authorities had found a bone fragment from her late husband...

This was more than three years after the attacks.

Three years!

She knew he was dead.

But finding this tiny of fragments, measuring little more than a quarter of inch, was confirmation.

And for her, it was closure.

It was something. Not much of something. But something.

Just like it is something that the man who ordered those attacks that took her husband and 3,000 others is dead.


Very late closure.

But very welcome closure.

I think human beings we all need closure.

It's why husbands and wives try to talk after a fight.

And an estranged child shows up at her dad's hospital bed after what seems like a lifetime.

Such is life. The need to put a stamp on it. And finish it.

To confirm the end of something, so that one can move on to something else.

Sometimes, an indistinguishable body part from a victim will do.

Other times, only distinguishable DNA from the perpetrator or it won't do.

Neither much changes the fact that the victim is gone.

Or the guy who killed him isn't here.

After all, nothing will bring the victim back.

Or after the perpetrator's death, all those other victims' back.

Just that maybe the victim can rest in peace.

And his loved ones can hope the perpetrator's soul never, ever will.

Case closed.

Maybe...some closure.