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Royal Photographer: William and Kate Will Be Very Private

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: The royal wedding is just three days away and there is so much activity outside Westminster Abbey. Our own Griff Jenkins as your "On the Record" all access pass to everything royal going on now in London.


GRIFF JENKINS, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Arthur Edwards is a legendary photographer for the sun newspaper. He's photographed the royal family for many years to include Prince William since he was born. Mr. Edwards, big wedding going on. You're about to do a big spread, 12 part, what are you working on?

ARTHUR EDWARDS, ROYAL PHOTOGRAPHER, "THE SUN": We're working on a 12- page pull out for Saturday's paper which will be a huge wedding only edition of the sun. I've photographed William since the day his mother brought him out of hospital when he was one day old, documented all his life. All the schools he started, the nursery school, school plays, riding his horse, with his dog. You name it, I've covered it.

In fact, when William was unveiling a plaque in Scotland he said is this your first plaque? He said you should know. We made a joke of it. It is almost like that he's a very quiet, private person, very much William.

This is -- he knows this role by accident of birth he's -- he has to do. He's doing it with great, great style and dignity. But he I'm sure would sooner have a small wedding in north Wales, just a few friends and family and probably a reception at the local pub.

JENKINS: You have had this remarkable front row seat to royal history. You were just talking about William. As a couple, what are they like? What are they going to be like?

EDWARDS: Well, I know William quite well. They are going to be -- they are going to spend a lot of time privately. When Charles married Diana, they threw themselves into public life. Every count in the world wanted them to come and visit. They were doing long, long overseas visits. It was exhausting.

William is not doing anything of that. He has committed to one tour of Canada which he committed to before. Now Kate will accompany him on that. After that, it is going to be very private.

When our queen got married to Prince Philip in 1947, she left England and went to live where Prince Philip was serving in the Navy. And that was 18 months for them to get to know each other well to live a life as a normal married couple. William and Kate want to do that too.

JENKINS: When you look back, is there one picture that comes to mind that will be in your special coming over the weekend?

EDWARDS: There's a picture of William when he was 21 months old. And the princess invited select photographers, about six down to Kensington Palace, where their home was. William was very blonde and he was full of fun. And he scratched his head with his left hand and smiled at the camera.

And I got back in the office and a very well reporter a dear friend said, I bet William is left handed. About six, seven years later William did his first engagement and signed the visitor's book with his left hand. So it was very profound words. Every time I look at that picture, cracking picture he's smiling, scratching his head with his left hand. Looking straight do my camera and I think left handed watch a sight that's the kind of picture.

My other picture which is a great memory for me was when William was about 10, 11 his great, great grandmother the queen mother was in her late 90s. And at Windsor castle they were coming out of church on Easter Sunday and die that is behind saying help your grandmother. And he's holding her arm. It is not the holding the arm, is the look the mother is giving the approving look the Queen Mother is saying well done my son. That is a very tender moment.