Common Sense

Cavuto: What's Trump's Appeal?

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF "YOUR WORLD": Do you know Donald Trump's real appeal?

I don't think it's his money.

Or his fame.  I really don't.

It's not the way he handles the issues.

I think it's the way he talks about the issues.

He's brutally frank.

He's unusually blunt.

I think he talks like a boxer.

Even though he's a billionaire.

And I suspect he got to 'be' a billionaire precisely because he didn't talk like a billionaire.

He is with the jet set.

Even has lots of jets.

But true to being lord of his manor…

He strikes many as having no manners.

No slight is too small.

No media criticism too obscure, for 'The Donald' to ignore.

Just ask Rosie O'Donnell.

Or lately the New York Times' Gail Collins.

They rip. He roars.

Their slight. His sledgehammer.

You know there's something in that a lot of people seem to admire, given his lift in the polls.

Because in our politically correct world, people never see it. Or hear it.

With 'The Donald', he fires an elephant gun blasting it.

He cuts issues to the core by often turning those issues upside down.

So rather than discuss cutting spending, like the businessman he is, he talks up creating revenue.

Not from the usual political suspects, like tax hikes.

But unusual sources, like OPEC nations.

They get our protection, 'The Donald' says we get their oil.

And we get their money.

It is the school of business hard knocks.

And 'The Donald', a construction guy at heart, is more than happy to bang some heads.

Guys who build skyscrapers with their names, well they can do that.

But some turn their nose up at that. I can understand that

They say that he doesn't comport himself like a president.

That he's not a senator. Not a governor. Not even a congressman.

That he's from a different petri dish altogether.

But I look at what that petri dish and see what it's produced.

I'm not saying Donald Trump is worth a try…but God knows the success rate we've had given the conventional types a try.

Now some wince at a guy who questions the president's place of birth.

Or calls China on the carpet for screwing us to the wall.  His words.

One critic summed it up this way: 'The Donald' says what we shouldn't even think.

Versus what exactly? Politically correct politicians who say nothing and clearly do not think?

I say let voters dismiss. And let voters decide.

Yes, the world would bristle at a Donald Trump.

Especially those used to an America that kowtows to them.

Not this guy.

Who'd sooner erect a finger than a building in their honor.

Yes, he would be a different cup of tea.

But have you looked at these other cups?

Not exactly making my cup runneth over.

We could do worse my friends.

Take a look around.

We already have.