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ACLU Now Actively Aiding Al Qaeda

By Bill O'Reilly

This is an amazing story that you most likely will see nowhere else but "The Factor."

As you may know, President Obama and CIA chief Leon Panetta have wreaked havoc in the ranks of Al Qaeda by using predator drone missiles to attack terrorists all over the world. The strategy has been very effective and has decimated the Al Qaeda leadership. Obama and Panetta are patriots for their actions.

But the far left opposes using the drone attacks, and now the ACLU has filed a backdoor lawsuit to try to stop the campaign.

Please follow me closely here.

Anwar al-Awlaki has been designated a global terrorist by the U.S. government. That means he is a prime target.


LEON PANETTA, CIA DIRECTOR: Awlaki is a terrorist. And, yes, he's a U.S. citizen, but he is first and foremost a terrorist, and we're going to treat him like a terrorist. We don't have an assassination list. But I can tell you this: We have a terrorist list and he's on it.


Enter the ACLU, which has applied to represent Awlaki in any court proceedings that might occur. That application has not been acted upon by the U.S. government.

So the ACLU is suing in federal court, saying the terrorist and others like him are being denied due process because they are attacked by U.S. authorities without warning.

In other words, the ACLU wants designated terrorists to be given rights before any action is taken against them.

If the ACLU succeeds, that would limit predator drone targets. It's simply unbelievable.

The ACLU has always been a far-left outfit, but is now actively aiding terrorists, actively helping Al Qaeda thugs who kill people all over the world.

The ACLU and other far-left groups simply will not acknowledge there is a war going on. They see terrorism as criminal activity, not a military battle.

If the ACLU had its way, President Obama and CIA chief Panetta would not be allowed to launch predator attacks.

So I ask you: How many Americans do you believe support the ACLU's actions? Five percent? Maybe 10? But you don't hear a word in the media about the ACLU's subversive activities, even when they are trying to help the Al Qaeda leadership.

In a free society, there is nothing we can do. The ACLU has a right to exist, but I have a right to expose it. That organization is putting every single American in danger. It's disgraceful.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

The guy who ruined General Stanley McChrystal's career, writer Michael Hastings, has been denied permission to travel with U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

You may remember that Hastings scorched McChrystal and his staff in Rolling Stone magazine, and the general was fired soon after.

Apparently, Mr. Hastings is now persona non grata in the military, and whoever made that decision is a patriot.

On the pinhead front, our pal David Letterman does not think that I, your humble correspondent, am sincere:


DAVID LETTERMAN, HOST, "THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN": I have a theory about Bill O'Reilly. Smart guy, and I think he knows better than what he's doing, but he's just found a place to, you know, make a living. And if he needed -- you know, he'd be a weatherman if the money was right. Or maybe he'd do sports if the money was right. He's just doing this because that's where the money is. I don't think you can be as smart as he is and actually believe what he believes.


Of course that's preposterous. I would never say anything on this program I did not believe. That's why we are successful. We are authentic. Dave is a pinhead.