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Van Der Sloot Timeline: The Key to His Alleged Peru Murder Motive?

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Right now "On the Record" is going to take you deep inside the Van der Sloot murder case because you are going to the place where [Stephany] Flores the last hours of her life. We went to Peru where GRN Correspondent Dan Collyns went "On the Record."


VAN SUSTEREN: OK Dan, obviously we are outside the Atlantic City casino where Joran played poker with Stephany Flores. Before we get to that, May 13th, he has the sting operation in Aruba. May 14th, he leaves Aruba headed for this city. And he arrives probably about that time, because I think he went through Colombia.

When does he meet up with Stephany Flores, do we know that?

DAN COLLYNS, GRN CORRESPONDENT: According to the police accounts, he met her a few days before the murder took place. Apparently it was the 27th of May. The murder happened on the 30th of May, a few days before.

The police believe he had been watching her, observing her, and that's why they think the motivation had to do with robbing her, which is why they think there was a degree of premeditation in this murder.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do we have any information on whether she intended to meet Joran van der Sloot or whether it was accidental that night?

COLLYNS: There's no information about whether she intended to meet him or not. I tend to believe it was accidental. She came alone. He was alone. Most people were avid poker players. It was something that she wasn't doing with her friends. It was something she did by herself, which suggests it was some kind of habit she had.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did she make money or not? He was not a big winner, was she a big winner?

COLLYNS: Yes. We hear Joran was not a big winner. And it does appear that she may have been a good poker player. A week before, according to the police she won on the 24th of May, a week before, around $10,000 in a poker game. And there are other records that she won lesser amounts of money, but certainly she was winning money.

And police believe that may have been something that Joran van der Sloot observed, which is why he befriended her and was interested in, according to the police, perhaps robbing her.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did anyone see anything unusual at the casino between the two, in an argument or laughing, or anything besides what we've seen on videotape?

COLLYNS: There's one theory is the two were kind of playing together, and Joran van der Sloot was helping Stephany in the game. And he ended up losing some money. And the idea they would go back to the hotel room to share out some of the money she won. It was kind of a partnership in a poker game.

VAN SUSTEREN: Dan, this room is in the hotel where Stephany Flores was murdered and Joran rented a room. This is not the room, but it's similar. What struck me about is I wondered why didn't anybody hear her getting beaten to death? It feels like a tomb in here.

COLLYNS: Very solid, concrete.

VAN SUSTEREN: I've been in a lot of cheap hotels, but never one that feels like a tomb. Usually it has cardboard walls.

COLLYNS: Absolutely. These are very thick walls and the tile as well. The sound wouldn't escape very easily.

VAN SUSTEREN: What time did they come into this room?

COLLYNS: According to the timeline, just about 5:20. They left the casino 10 minutes before, it's very close by. At 8:35 is when Joran van der Sloot left the room alone with two empty coffee cups.

VAN SUSTEREN: Leaves with two empties?

COLLYNS: He comes out with two empty coffee cups. The surveillance video, there's a camera located right above the doorway. He was filmed clearly leaving with two empty coffee cups.

VAN SUSTEREN: Where did they come from? Is there video of him leaving and getting coffee?

COLLYNS: He claims he left to buy coffee, but he came back with the same empty coffee cups. Police say this was after the murder happened. The theory originally was he went to buy coffee, according to what he said, and returned to the room to find Stephany using his computer, and that's when the argument and the fight ensued.

And of course, that resulted in her murder. It appears that was a lie.

VAN SUSTEREN: Not only is it a lie, it is elaborate. It has been his motivation, and he has told us multiple stories. He has these elaborate stories on what happened to Natalee Holloway, and now this elaborate story.

He's caught on video going in with her and leaving alone. So he's pretty much done himself in that way, but he comes up with these elaborate stories.

COLLYNS: It seems he's looking for some kind of alibi. It was clearly a weak alibi as it turned out. As it turned out, he's pretending he's again to buy coffee and locked out of his own hotel room. It is hard to wonder what was going through his mind at the time but clearly from the outset looking for some kind of alibi trying to think of a way out of this situation he has found himself in.


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