Harvey Gulf International CEO on Looming Risk of Job Losses

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CONNELL MCSHANE, GUEST HOST: In the meantime, Gulf residents worried about the spill now worried about their jobs.

And our next guest says the president’s temporary drilling ban is really hammering the Gulf economy. In fact, he just laid off 100 of his workers.

Harvey Gulf International Marine CEO Shane Guidry joins us now.

What does your company do, sir, just before I ask you about — about the workers?

SHANE GUIDRY, CEO, HARVEY GULF INTERNATIONAL MARINE: We provide offshore services to the deepwater Gulf of Mexico in the form of...


MCSHANE: Oil services company.

GUIDRY: Oil services, correct.


GUIDRY: We tow. We — we bring supplies, drill pipe, methanol, liquid mud, dry bulk.


MCSHANE: So, why did you have to lay off — why did you have to lay these people off?

GUIDRY: Well, what it is, is, we’re building quite a few ships right now in Panama City, Florida. And due to the — the drilling ban, we had elected to go ahead and delay those projects six months each. In order to do that, you have to cut somewhere. So, the shipyard is in the process of laying off 100 people this week.

MCSHANE: What do you make of the president’s response to this whole effort? I mean, do you put the blame on the administration? You have seen local officials and the way they’re handling it. What is your impression of things?

GUIDRY: You know, I think it’s a knee-jerk reaction. I think you can’t condemn a whole industry for one man’s accidental mistake.

And let me say it was an accident.



GUIDRY: I think that there are so many more lives at stake in this whole mess.


MCSHANE: I know it affects you. I know it affects your business and it’s horrible for the people who would lose their jobs and — but don’t you understand the logic, to some degree, of wanting to pull back and just say, hey, wait a minute, let’s make sure before we go forward?

GUIDRY: I clearly understand that.

But the president still has not said, in six months, we will be back drilling.


GUIDRY: We will have a better plan. We will have implemented it. You will have foresight of what to do next. You will understand what’s going to be more involved, with more safety procedures in place.


GUIDRY: But he hasn’t said that.

MCSHANE: I understand.

GUIDRY: He said at least six months. We need to know what is next.

MCSHANE: All right, Shane. Thanks for your time, Shane Guidry. Tough times down there in Louisiana.

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