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More Racism Charges From NBC News

It all began when Newt Gingrich, speaking before a Republican group, said this about President Obama's basketball prowess:


NEWT GINGRICH: Shooting 3-point shots may be clever, but it doesn't put anybody to work. And what we need is a president, not an athlete. We need somebody who actually focuses on getting people back to work.


Well, after hearing that, NBC News correspondent Norah O'Donnell saw racism and presented her case to some colleagues:


NORAH O'DONNELL, NBC NEWS: I mean, this was largely a good speech, Gingrich's speech about not being the party of no. Let's be yes on this, yes on this. But I'm not sure what he means by this particular sound bite, and I think it's open to some criticism because it suggests that the president is an athlete. And some people may suggest, you know, because all black people are good athletes — I mean, that's what it sort of sounds like to me.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, I didn't see that at all.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yeah, I didn't get that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That went right by me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Norah, I will back you up because my eyebrow arched as well.


Mr. Capehart then went on to soften his remarks. But the fact that a Washington Post editorial writer would even consider racism in Mr. Gingrich's statement is absurd and points out just how far left some of The Washington Post people really are.

Now, I believe Americans have pretty much had enough of this bogus racism garbage. Not only when President Obama is criticized, but also in the elite media, which uses racism as a club to bludgeon anyone with whom they disagree.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Bill Clinton was hammered by charges of racism when he referred to Jesse Jackson in the South Carolina primary. By all accounts, Mr. Clinton was furious that the far left branded him with the r-word simply for giving a historical opinion.

President Obama himself is not guilty in this sad situation. He has often said that he is not a victim of racism and has made clear his disdain for people using that charge, even when defending him.

But — but — there is no question that some of the president's biggest supporters are the biggest offenders when charges of racism arise. It might be good for Mr. Obama to say publicly that they should knock it off.

"Talking Points" well understands the bitterness that is sweeping the country. The right sees the Obama administration as a threat to what they want America to be. The left sees the attacks on the president as vicious and personal. Therefore, they reply in kind.

All of this is destructive to the country. There are enough legitimate issues to debate without degenerating into personal attacks, especially where racism is invoked.

From now on, "Talking Points" will alert you to people trafficking in this. It's despicable.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

Sad news. Our pal Dixie Carter passed away over the weekend from cancer. Ms. Carter was a classy, intelligent woman who brought joy to millions.

Click here to watch "Pinheads & Patriots"!




JEAN SMART, ACTRESS: Well, I'm surprised. I felt sure she'd go for "Danny Boy."


Our condolences to Ms. Carter's husband Hal Holbrook and her entire family. She was a patriot.

On the pinhead front, actor Jim Carrey spoke out about the Tiger Woods situation. Unfortunately, he said that the golfer's wife bears some responsibility for his infidelities.

We believe that is dumb, as no one knows the inner workings of a marriage. So Mr. Carrey is a pinhead for getting involved in this.