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The Media Revolution in America

Things are changing quickly in the USA. The country is moving to the right, and President Obama may reflect that in his State of the Union address.

Simply put: The president's liberal policies have hurt him.

As "Talking Points" predicted, there will be no public option in any health care reform bill. There will be no cap-and-trade legislation, and the president's War on Terror strategy is now under fire by big-time Democrats.

Senators Jim Webb from Virginia and Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas have sent scorching letters to Attorney General Holder telling him to move Khalid Sheikh Mohammed back to military supervision.

If you still don't believe the country is moving away from liberalism, listen to this.

Last week, the Fox News Channel was the highest-rated cable network in America, beating all the entertainment channels. Sorry SpongeBob; sorry Hannah Montana.

For a news channel to beat entertainment channels is extraordinary. Millions of Americans turned to our Haitian coverage and relied on us to provide an accurate picture of the Massachusetts vote count because they know we will report honestly without titling to the left.

In addition, the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling is out with a brand-new study that asked Americans which TV news organizations they trust.


Forty-nine percent of Americans, half the country, trust the Fox News Channel. Just 31 percent of Americans trust ABC News, 35 percent trust NBC News and 32 percent trust CBS News.

That's a rout. By a huge majority, Americans now believe the Fox News Channel is the most honest purveyor of information in the country.

Want more?

The Gallup people say 64 percent of Americans believe the press is doing a fair or poor job of watching the Obama administration. Again, that goes to liberal bias.

It's not that FNC's hard news coverage is unfair to President Obama. It isn't. We report accurately what the president says and does.

On this opinion program, we try to give the president a fair shake and back up our criticisms with facts, but we are in the tank for no one.

Last week while CNN and MSNBC cut short Senator-elect Scott Brown's remarks in Massachusetts, we ran the speeches by Brown and Martha Coakley in their entirety, another example of fairness.

So it is all over. Fox News is the most trusted TV news brand in America by far.

On the political front, the folks gave President Obama and his liberal policies a chance, but now some frustration has set in with the huge spending, a confusing health care bill and chaotic terror policies.

There are big changes going on in the USA, and as the country moves to the right, the president should take notice.

And that's "The Memo."