Obama Wants to 'Spread the Wealth'; Is He Pushing for Socialism?

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Now, fair and balanced, Senator Claire McCaskill, an Obama supporter.

And, Senator, I will raise with you what I just did with the governor, these comments from Congressman John Murtha on Barack Obama and the uphill fight he says he faces, particularly in Western Pennsylvania, what -- what he calls a "racist area."

Do you agree, that is a racist area?

SEN. CLAIRE MCCASKILL (D), MISSOURI: Well, I have never been to that part of Pennsylvania. And, frankly, it's not the way I would ever want to characterize anyone.

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I don't think we can look into someone's heart and know why they're voting one way or the other. I know this, that the vast majority of Americans today are frightened about what is going on in our economy.

And what they want is, they want someone who has had a constant, confident, calm, steady leadership throughout this crisis. And John McCain, frankly, Neil, has reminded me of the weather in Missouri, when it comes to economic policies. Wake up tomorrow, and it's going to change.

He has been all over the map. One day, he's a regulator. One day, he's a deregulator. One day, he says government should get out of the way. The other day, he's proposing huge government programs.

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On the other hand, Barack Obama has been consistent. This has been about strengthening the middle class...

CAVUTO: Well, actually, Senator...

MCCASKILL: ... and creating jobs.

CAVUTO: Actually, Senator, I love you dearly, and think highly of Senator Obama, but he hasn't been consistent. Last year, at this time, a rich person was a million bucks or more. Now it's down to $200,000, or $250,000, depending on whether you're married or not.

But we can quibble about that. I do want to pursue this, a little more, with what Congressman Murtha was telling The Post-Gazette in Pennsylvania, that I guess he's been saying, the older population is more hesitant there on these racial issues, and that ultimately what will trump it for the Obama ticket in Pennsylvania is the economic hardship.

You don't buy the notion that, if you vote against Barack Obama, you're racist, do you?

MCCASKILL: Of course not. Of course not, and neither does Barack Obama.

This is not about race. This is about what is best for our country. How are we going to have -- I mean, you saw what happened on -- on the stock market today, and it was because of a lack of consumer spending. Where does that spending come from? It comes from the middle class. It's about strengthening the foundation of our country. And that's why so many of Barack Obama's policies are focused on strengthening the middle class.

CAVUTO: So, you think the government can get us out of this?

MCCASKILL: No, not the government, but the tax code has a lot to do with it. You know, one candidate is proposing the same kind of tax cuts that Bush wanted, and got. The other is saying, let's do tax cuts for most of working America, instead of just a few.

I do think the tax code and what we do, in terms of promoting job opportunities, is important, but the government can't do it along -- alone, and Barack Obama certainly doesn't think the government can do it.

CAVUTO: All right. Senator, thank you very, very much. Very good having you. We'll see how the debate goes tonight.

MCCASKILL: Thank you.

CAVUTO: Senator McCaskill. All right.


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