Olympic Sponsors, Under Fire from Activists to Quit the Games, Begin Firing Back at Critics

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Well, under pressure from activists to drop from the Olympics, now Olympic sponsors are firing back, Coca-Cola leading the charge today, telling the activist group Dream for Darfur "For an organization that has not eased the suffering of a single individual on the ground in Darfur to criticize those who are helping thousands every day is more than ironic."

Count image consultant Fraser Seitel impressed with that.

Fraser, you like them being on offense.

FRASER SEITEL, PRESIDENT, EMERALD PARTNERS: I do. I would say, it is about time.

The principle is, you stand up for what you stand for. Even multinational corporations have rights. And, in this case, what they have done in Darfur — these ones who this group has criticized — is terrific. Johnson & Johnson has donated medicine. Coca-Cola has donated $5 million of water for the Sudan. General Electric has donated for the refugees. So, there`s nothing to be defensive about. Good for them.

CAVUTO: All right. So, they`re coming out on the Darfur thing, but it doesn`t remove the Tibet issue. So, someone is going to obviously always find blame for something they're doing wrong.

SEITEL: Very good point.

And I think what`s happened, they have — they have been reluctant to talk about Tibet. What's happened here, because the Chinese have made overtures now to the Dalai Lama and his representatives, these companies have become more a little bit more emboldened.

So, now they have struck out at this Mia Farrow group for Darfur.

CAVUTO: Right.

SEITEL: The Tibetan thing, I think, is around the corner. They are not going to back out of the Olympics.

CAVUTO: But — yes. So, that`s where the tide was going for a while, with a number of world leaders saying they are not going to go to the opening ceremonies.

But, as you could see it now, it is likely they stick with the Olympics, and they should?

SEITEL: You know what's happened with the corporations? It is interesting. They have invested in these Olympics irrevocably. They have paid money since they signed up. So, they are too much ingrained with the money to — to bail out. So, they have got to stay in it. And what they need is backbone. And this is the beginning of the backbone, hopefully.

CAVUTO: I got you.

Fraser, thank you very much — Fraser Seitel.


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