Common Sense

What Do Paris and Tiger Have in Common?

Elin Nordegren did something very unusual: They didn't charge anyone a fee to see them.

They didn't sell them to Us or People.

They didn't strike a deal with some tabloid for a pricey "Day in the Life of Tiger and his Cub" spread.

None of that.

Just incredibly intimate, stunning photographs posted free for fans on his official Web site.

"This is truly a special time in our lives," Woods writes. "We look forward to introducing Sam to our family and friends over the next few weeks."

I suspect Tiger could have gotten a lot of cash for images of him coddling with his cub — easy cash and lots of it. Kind of like the cash Paris Hilton could be looking at for lots of things now that she's out of the clink.

Not so this man just off the links, taking time to be with his family.

It's a priceless moment, maybe because he refused to put a price on it at all.

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