Common Sense

Getting Pushed Out of a Job

I want to tell you about my friend Jack. I've known him for years. Caught up with him yesterday. We went to grad school together. Joked a lot about our Italian upbringings together.

He went on to make a fortune on Wall Street. Until, I just heard, he left Wall Street. Not of his own volition, he told me. He was kind of forced out.

Now don't feel sorry for Jack. He's a multi-millionaire. He'll be fine. He's talking now about joining some hedge fund. I don't know.

This much I do know. And this much I do want to share, because I thought it was revealing. Jack saw it all coming.

It started years back when a revered mentor was moved overseas. The new guy liked Jack, but he didn't "love" Jack. Not like the mentor.

The new guy didn't much flip over Jack's projects either. The mentor thought they offered great long-term value. Not the new guy. He wasn't wowed by Jack's clientele, or deals, or connections. He wasn't awed by Jack's charming wife or really cute kids. And he sure as heck wasn't taking vacations with Jack and his family. Not like the mentor.

Pretty soon, he wasn't inviting Jack to as many meetings. And soon, any meetings. Stopped even mentioning Jack in the annual report.

Then the final indignity. People stopped sucking up to Jack. Because Jack had no juice. They knew it. And Jack knew it too.

So he submitted his resignation. Before the new guy went into his meeting. And the new guy accepted it, and without saying much else, proceeded to his meeting. Without Jack. Again.

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