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Sympathy for the Devil

You may have noticed that some far left media are a bit sympathetic to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the Al Qaeda killer, whose crimes were made public in a military courtroom the other day.

Mohammed says he was irresponsible for the planning of 9/11 and that he himself beheaded American Daniel Pearl. By all sane standards, Mohammed is a monster.

Now The Boston Globe probably believes that, but continues to shift the focus away from Mohammed and onto the USA, which The Globe believes is flawed.

"By not giving [Mohammed] and other detainees a fair trial, Bush makes their case for the hypocrisy of the secular democracies."

That's nice, isn't it? The Boston Globe saying flat out the U.S. military can't give a fair trial to this terrorist. Way to go, Boston Globe.

How about this from the ultra left Baltimore Sun? "[Mohammed's case] would seem to have little relevance in a world that has changed so dramatically since his capture.The disastrous war that followed overshadows even 9/11."

That's right, Baltimore Sun. Your anti-Iraq War posture obliterates what happened on 9/11. Nice.

How about Rosa Brooks, columnist for The L.A. Times. She wrote today, "the reason Mohammed's crimes were made public is to take the heat off Attorney General Alberto Gonzales." Sure, Rosa. There ain't enough Kool-Aid in the world for you, lady.

On the TV side, CNN International put allegations of U.S. torture over Mohammed's crime. So once again, the world could view the USA as the bad guy.

Back here, CNN domestic was more careful, realizing many Americans would be angry if the CNN International point of view was played up.

"Talking Points" believes it is beyond belief that the far left in America continues to spotlight vague allegations of torture over the danger that Al Qaeda and other terrorists present. Former CIA officer Michael Scheuer said it well last night here on “The Factor”. These people don't want to know. They just want to bash the Bush administration. — I am paraphrasing Dr. Scheuer's comments.

What the far left would really like, though, is to see the terrorists, like Khalid Mohammed, tried in civilian court. They want that so that left wing lawyers could put the Bush administration on trial, could introduce every alleged abuse. They believe America has committed the War on Terror.

This is important to understand. The reason The Boston Globe, and all the other loony left papers, want a civilian trial is so the Bush administration can be discredited. They couldn't care less about Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

I believe this point of view puts all of us in danger. And I hope you see it that way as well.

And that's The Memo.

Most Ridiculous Item

If you think reporting the news on TV is easy, you so wrong.

In Cleveland FOX News reporter Kathleen Cochrane was telling her audience about some kittens who were in danger of being harmed.


KATHLEEN COCHRANE, FOX NEWS REPORTER: Hi, Bill and Stacy. Well, the couple is accused of throwing two cats like this one here out of their car and killing them. Now, as part of their sentence — this guy is having fun. But as part of their sentence, the couple is going to have to come right here... [Cat scratches reporter's face]


Kathleen has recovered from that cat fracas. I would never do that! Ridiculous? It might be.