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The Battle Over Illegal Immigration Heats Up

On Thursday night, we told you about an ICE raid in Massachusetts that detained hundreds of illegal alien workers hired by a factory in New Bedford. Governor Deval Patrick is making a huge deal about the unfairness of the raid, citing damage to children and other inhumane practices. But the truth is the governor is grandstanding the issue.

In a letter to the governor on Friday, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security Julie Meyers says, "ICE officials asked every [detained] individual whether they were the sole caregiver for a child. Any parent who was determined to be a sole caregiver for a child was released."

Ms. Meyers went on to tell Governor Patrick something he surely knew — that Massachusetts officials were alerted to the raid before it took place and that no child was left unattended.

What say you, Governor Patrick? Surely you're not misleading the nation?

And then there is that terrible fire here in New York City, where eight children were killed, children of parents born in Mali, West Africa. Because New York is a sanctuary city that protects illegal aliens, "The Factor" cannot confirm whether or not all these children were in the USA legally.

What we can confirm is that 17 children were living in a rowhouse, along with five adults, that one of the men in the house had two wives. One upstairs, one downstairs. And that living conditions were chaotic and dangerous.

After our report Thursday night, I received this letter from Abraham in Houston:

"O'Reilly, it was despicable to hear you question the status of those children. I was a big fan of yours but I'll never watch you again and urge others who feel compassion for immigrants not to watch you as well."

OK, Abraham, but here's the no spin truth — so listen up: Your so-called compassion helped kill those children. They should have never been in that circumstance. If the authorities had investigated as they should have, those kids might be alive right now, legal or not.

It is against the law to overcrowd a dwelling. It is against the law to have two wives. If any one of those people were here illegally, that is another infraction. But New York City looks the other way. It doesn't want to know.

It is people like you, Abraham, who promote that kind of chaos in the name of compassion, who look the other way while poor workers and children are exploited by greedy landlords and businesses, because you don't like the immigration laws.

Yes, it's great to be compassionate sitting at home watching the tube. But for decades, our government has allowed people from all over the world to walk in here without supervision. That's why these children are dead, because their chaotic situation was ignored by New York City authorities.

According to a FOX News/Opinion Dynamics poll, 67 percent of Americans want the borders secure and the flow of illegal aliens to stop. The folks understand that no good comes from chaos and ignoring laws that are set up to protect everyone, including innocent kids from Mali.

The open border blanket amnesty crowd have no solutions to complicated problems. And that's why tragedies like the Bronx fire continue to happen.

And that's The Memo.

Most Ridiculous Item

The Pew Research Center is out with the annual survey of journalists. The scientific poll asks, thinking about the news, what journalist or news person do you most admire? The top three choices were just about even —Katie Couric, Bill O'Reilly and Charles Gibson. I don't know this O'Reilly guy, but Couric and Gibson should be very happy.

By the way, for Americans under the age of 30, it was also a tie between the O'Reilly guy and John Stewart who, of course, is not a journalist. Is he a maître de, isn't he?

Ridiculous? You make the call. I'm very happy to be in that company.