Talking Points

John Edwards and His Extreme Team

First, a viewer warning, what I am about to report is very vile and some people will be upset. So you might want to click off and come back in three minutes.

As you may know, former Senator John Edwards, a Democratic nominee for vice president in `04, is running for president this time around. Like many politicians, Edwards employs bloggers who put forth his point of view on the Net.

Edwards is currently paying Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan, two very far left individuals, to work the Internet for him. And Edwards knows that these two women have attacked Christianity in very irresponsible ways.

For example, and here it comes, ladies and gentlemen, on June 14, 2006, Ms. Marcotte wrote, "What if Mary had taken Plan B (birth control) after the Lord filled her with his hot, white, sticky Holy Spirit."

And on February 21st, 2006, Ms. McEwan attacked religious conservatives, saying, "What don't you lousy motherf---s understand about keeping your noses out of our britches, our beds, and our families?"

On January 21st, Marcotte convicted the Duke lacrosse players on her blog, writing, "Can't a few white boys sexually assault a black woman anymore without people getting all wound up about it?"

And the there are plenty if other examples of this kind of immature and hateful stuff from these two women. As the Catholic League has pointed out, no serious political candidate would employ people who direct such hatred at blacks, Jews, Hispanics or even Muslims. But for John Edwards, Christian haters deserve a place on his staff.

When confronted with the facts about the women, Edwards said he disagreed with their statements, but would continue employing them. My question is why.

I wanted to ask the senator that very simple question, but his Press Secretary Andrea Purse said his staff would not address the issue. They wouldn't come to the phone.

There's no wiggle room here. Senator Edwards wants to be president, yet sends a message that Christian hating does not disqualify you from working for his administration. That is simply stunning.

There's no question that Internet assassins like Marcotte and McEwan are all over the place these days, but "Talking Points" has never seen people this extreme hired by a major political candidate. This is all about judgment -- or lack thereof.

Finally, I have nothing against John Edwards. He seems intelligent and sincere, but this isn't a difficult issue. These women are Christian haters. And it's hard to believe that Edwards continues to stand by them, but it's true. And you should know it.

And that's "The Memo."

Most Ridiculous Item

More print dishonesty around the country. As you just heard,Ludacris mentioned my name, along with Oprah Winfrey's at the Grammys, but The Kansas City Star and The Philadelphia Inquirer only mentioned the rapper intended to mock me. They left out Oprah. That's because both papers are committed liberal entities, and Oprah's presence diminishes the swipe at me.

Also, our pals in The L.A. Times continue to print that I tell guests to shut up. That has happened in a serious way exactly four times in 10 and a half years. The reference in The L.A. Times, of course, is an attempt to diminish this program.

Ridiculous? Of course it is. But a stark reminder let the buyer beware of print news in America.