Common Sense

Media Blackout on U.S. Economy?

Kids willing to fork over 599 bucks in advance for one of those Apple iPhones, not even out yet.

Retail sales strong.

Plasma TV sales really strong.

Car sales pretty stable.

Malls pretty busy.

Unemployment pretty low.

To me, this economy pretty good.

Lost in all this focus on a war that seemingly won't end, an economy that won't quit.

Never, to my memory has a nation so embroiled in conflict "abroad" been humming so well at "home." Never — ever.

That's pretty remarkable.

With all the billions we're spending on Iraq, the deficits are turning around here.

With all the anger over money lost from tax cuts, no one saying boo about all the revenue coming from those tax cuts.

I know, I sound like a Pollyanna again. But I'm more of a realist than you know and more fair and balanced on this subject than some in the media dare.

I see the jobs that go abroad. But I see the many, many more jobs that stay here.

I see once hot housing markets that have cooled. But I see pretty cool housing construction numbers that have not.

It is a testament to this great country that after 9/11 and corporate scandals and wars on terror and on and on, that we move on and on.

Frankly, I don't think the media would cut this president slack if he walked on water. The New York Times would probably have a banner headline the next day, "The President Can't Swim."

I'm not here to judge what's fair in the media, just what's right with us.

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