Common Sense

Free Tip for Democrats

Here's a free tip to the Democrats: Next time you make a New Year's resolution, don't tell anyone.

Because you made a big fuss of working around the clock — and you're not.

You made a big stink about how little Republicans worked and how much you would — then you don't.

You said you'd be hard-pressed to take a day off unless it was for a good reason. News flash: A championship football game isn't a good reason.

Look, you're not the only ones to make New Year's resolutions and break them. You just seem to break them earlier than most.

Be like me: Make a resolution to lose weight — but whisper it.

This way, someone sees me downing a box of Yodels, they won't be surprised. They'd probably say, "Pity that guy never resolved to lose weight."

I could live with them thinking I'm weak. I don't think I could live with them thinking I'm a liar.

Could you?

Think about it, on this… your day off..

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