Common Sense

Living in the Moment? Don't Forget the Future

The fancy cars? Gone. The two fancy vacation homes? Sold. The really fancy, schmancy main home? In foreclosure.

The precious family heirlooms? Being bid off. Even the modest wine collection... being sold off.

Once the vital playthings of a hot-shot executive, now just auctioned off remnants.

You see, the hot shot exec lost his job. Soon after, his wife. Even his kids, who once loved all his stuff, don't even bother returning his calls.

He is lonely. He is angry. And he is broke. And on this day I am asking him how did it all go so bad, so fast?

"I don't know," he says. "I just don't know."

He talks about the days he was the top sales guy, then he wasn't. Then this.

The man who lived for the moment and celebrated the moment, now regretting that he didn't plan for other moments — this moment. When the money would be gone and the job would be gone.

"I was married to all that," he says. "Now, I'm not married at all."

He couldn't talk much more. He didn't have to. The movers were coming. And he was going.

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