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Cracking Down on National Security Leaks

If the USA fights the War on Terror the way the committed left wants to fight it, we might as well surrender right now.

The anti-Bush crew, led by The New York Times and the ACLU want civilian trials for terrorists, no coerced interrogation, no rendition for terrorists to other countries, no war in Iraq, and on and on. As I opine, The Times and other committed left media believe the Bush administration -- and not the terrorists -- is the primary danger to this country.

While most Americans are outraged that The Times and other papers would out top-secret anti-terror programs, the anti-Bush media is closing ranks. The usual suspects -- like the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Newsday, The Cleveland Plain Dealer and The Oregonian -- all backed the exposure, saying that basically, the Bush administration doesn't have the nation's trust.

But there's a real danger in that analysis. If the administration doesn't move against The New York Times, which was the first paper to defy the administration's requests not to print the money-tracking story — if the president doesn't take direct action, then it will be leaks ahoy from now on.

Every disgruntled person in the government will see a green light to violate national security and inform about secret programs. There is no question that critical mass has been reached. According to a source, but unconfirmed, thousands of people have canceled subscriptions to The New York Times. And The Atlanta Journal Constitution, another far -eft paper, is also being hammered for printing a cartoon comparing America to Al Qaeda.

Now, last night, I told Congressman Peter King, who's calling for a criminal investigation into The New York Times, I didn't want to see the editor and publisher of the paper prosecuted because the case has got to be too weak.

Far better is for the Bush administration to go after the leakers and in the process, put the anti-Bush media on trial in the court of public opinion. If the relatively unimportant Valerie Plame case could lead to indictments, surely the outing of a covert program tracking terror money will.

Comes a time when Americans must take a side. And that time is now. Who do you want or trust to protect you against terrorists, the Bush administration or the committed left media, backed by anonymous leaders? Basic question. You make the call.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

If you've read any of my books, you know I believe in karma. Do bad things, you'll get yours eventually. Do good things, you'll get rewarded. Recently, two bad guys got theirs:

Air America fired its president, Gary Krantz. The disastrous radio network booted him out on the heels of the removal of CEO Danny Goldberg. We believe there is major chaos at that far left concern.

There's also major chaos at MSNBC, where Rick Kaplan has left after pretty much destroying that place. He did the same thing at CNN before he got fired over there. Closing in on its 10th anniversary, MSNBC's ratings are lower than they were six years ago, which might be ridiculous.