Common Sense

People Who Have People

Do you know when you've made it in this world? I think it's when you don't have to sully yourself with the mundane chores of this world. There are others to do that for you, because you're that big a deal. You have people.

I was reminded of this very issue this very day running into the street with a very old friend. She has people.

I didn't realize it at first when we stopped and chatted not but a block from here.

But then I caught the darting glances, the hurried once-overs, the "who is this buffoon eating up our time right now" looks. Then it hit me: My friend has people.

She has handlers. Folks who look after her, run defense for her and practically surrender their lives for her.

My friend is a star and stars have people. The bigger the star, the more people — booking you flights, getting you tickets, landing you impossible reservations.

Stars get that. She gets that.

Me? Let's just say, I don't get that.

Not that I'd know what to do if I did. But I marvel at those who do. In business, in sports, in the media the select few who are "all that" because they have all so many doing all that for them.

People means never having to hail a cab. People means being whisked from annoying autograph hounds.

People means you don't have to bother with people.

My friend never aimed to be a star. And to be fair, she still doesn't act like one — to me.

But she is. She never said so. Her people showed me so. By showing her on the way and leaving me on the curb.

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