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The Politics of Hate

The politics of hate and the War on Terror: that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points" Memo.

First, let's define hate politics. That is, trying to hurt people with whom you disagree. The far left Web sites do that all day long. The latest tactic is encouraging people to use false names to write smear reviews about books on places like These Web sites are truly vile and hateful.

On the far right, the poster boys for hate are the Nazis, who demonstrated in Florida over the weekend, causing the usual chaos. Thankfully, these nuts are in short supply these days.

Also on display over the weekend, far left hater Harry Belafonte, again bashing his country.


HARRY BELAFONTE, ACTIVIST: Let us make alliance and go after the common enemy, which is capitalism in America in the hands of imperial tyrants.


And old Harry then returned to his $13 million Manhattan mansion.

Now all of this nonsense is meaningless until the War on Terror is affected. The port controversy is a great example of this. On one side of the Bush haters, like Senator Barbara Boxer who opposed everything the president endorses. Even the liberal L.A. Times blasted Boxer for her take on the ports:

"Of all the grandstanding surrounding the Dubai Ports World deal, none tops Boxer's performance. She said last week that she would support legislation preventing any foreign firm, state-owned or not, from buying port operators. Memo to Boxer: 13 of the 14 container terminals at the ports of L.A. and Long Beach, the biggest port complex in the U.S., are run by foreign-owned companies."

To some like The New York Times and its columnist, Nicholas Kristof, the situation boils down to an anti-Arab bias. So Kristof and fellow columnist Thomas Friedman have split with their own paper. They have supported the deal. The paper does not.

"Talking Points" deplores the politics of hate and believes it puts all Americans in danger. The philosophy of outfits like the ACLU, which literally opposes every anti-terror measure put into place since 9/11, is obviously troublesome.

And far right hatred is equally destructive. The USA will never win the War on Terror without Arab allies. Never. Remember, America partnered up with Stalin to defeat Hitler during World War II. Not every deal is perfect, but wars must be won. And sometimes the smart thing to do is hard.

Our poll question asks, "If the USA fires the Emirates, will that hurt America in the War on Terror?" More than 40,000 of you voted. Seventy-four percent believe it will hurt the terror war. Twenty-six percent say it will not.

Right now, the Arab company itself has requested a 45-day vetting process. So that should calm things down. But in the long run, the War on Terror cannot be won unless the politics of hate are brought under control.

We need smart, methodical leadership, not foolish ideology.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is the center of Amish country, a beautiful area. Great place to visit. But the newspaper there is strange and has been running articles that are flat-out false.

This Sunday, a guy named Gil Smart wrote, "Noted thinker Bill O'Reilly, who has smeared Iraq War opponents as 'pinheads' and appeasers, last week advocated cutting and running."

Now if you watch or listen to “The Factor," you know that statement's a lie. Mr. Smart took it off a far left Web site, which was not smart. But the fact that The Lancaster News allows a guy like that to write a column is disturbing as well as ridiculous.

And by the way, according to a new Harris poll, just 18 percent of Americans now read a national newspaper, and one of the reasons is that more than a few print journalists are now simply propaganda purveyors. Again, ridiculous in the extreme.

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