Common Sense

Short and Sweet

All right, I'm about to be pretty blunt here, so get the kids out of the room.

I'm still mulling the president's State of the Union speech — it was over one hour.

Then came his speech the next day — that seemed like close to two hours.

Then all the jawboning on both sides for countless hours.


You know what I would do if I were president on the big State of the Union night? I'd keep things short and sweet. My whole speech would be seven words. Seven words. As the applause settled down, I'd look everybody in the eye in that chamber and say this:

"Get off your asses and do something."

Then I'd leave.

Everyone would be stunned. The media wouldn't know what to analyze. Dare I say it, even my friend, Brit Hume, would be scrambling, as I walked out the door. But I'll tell you what: It would be a memorable speech. They'd talk about it for ages.

Just like Abraham Lincoln, whose Gettysburg Address, I'm told, clocked in at a mere two minutes. The guy before him had yammered on for more than two hours. Whose speech do we remember more?

Mine would slice a minute-50 off that puppy and would be a lot easier to memorize!

"Get off your asses and do something."

It's one for the ages and the bumper stickers. Because I think you can say a lot, without saying much at all.

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