Common Sense

The Nuclear Option

Not that any developing country would want to take its tips from me, but here's some free advice for those of you looking for foreign aid: Just say you've got a nuclear program going and then just sit back and wait for the offers to come in.

Take it from North Korea and Iran, you can get a lot of rich countries' attention that way.

Oh sure, some of them will sound bellicose — maybe threaten to invade you or, at the very least, go to the United Nations and slap sanctions on you.

But, if you're patient and a little sneaky, you can dodge all the threats and get them to come to the table for what you're really after: money.

I know, you end up looking like a petulant child. But you'll be a richer one. And besides, the petulant kid gets attention. The nice, quiet one does not. What's that they say about the squeaky wheel?

You get my point.

The world has long proven it tolerates evil intentions and would rather pay off than fight off evil threats.

Let's just say rational countries go nuclear over irrational countries going nuclear. And irrational countries know it, rationally assuming the more irrational they act, the more they're likely to get.

North Korea's built a cottage industry doing it. And Iran is risking all hell in the Middle East by doing the exact same thing.

But mark my words, both countries will stand down as soon as the paper tigers lecturing them do the one thing they say they won't but will: pay up.

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