Transcript: Pain at the Pump

This is a partial transcript from "Your World with Neil Cavuto," October 3, 2005, that was edited for clarity.

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: While many people are finding alternative ways to deal with these higher gas prices, some have found help from an unlikely source, their boss.

My next guest is helping his employees fill up their tank on the company's buck.

Joining us now is Michael Miola. He's the founder and chairman of Northstar Financial.

Michael, what are you doing?

MICHAEL MIOLA, FOUNDER AND CHAIRMAN, NORTHSTAR FINANCIAL: Well, Neil, we have issued a gas reimbursement program to our employees.

It started when I was filling up my car with gasoline a few weeks ago, and it took over $70 to fill my tank. And I said — well, I can't tell you what I said, but, needless to say, I was very annoyed at the price.


MIOLA: So, we decided we had to do something.

CAVUTO: And that something was to help pay for people's gas, right?

MIOLA: That's right.

CAVUTO: How many people?

MIOLA: We have 185 people.

CAVUTO: And how much is it costing you?

MIOLA: Well, we estimate it will cost us about $15,000 a month.

CAVUTO: So, money well spent, you argue, at least to get your people around?

MIOLA: Absolutely.

We're in the service business. And our people have to get to work, and they have to get there with good morale. So, this is doing a good job.

CAVUTO: All right.

Michael, thank you for indulging our breaking news. We appreciate that good news for you.

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