Common Sense

Getting Our Priorities Straight

No one talked about Aruba on Thursday.

There was no mention of Natalee Holloway or Sandra Day O'Connor and the fight to replace her.

Actually there was no fighting at all and not a lot of political posturing. But there was quite a bit of soul-searching.

It was like September 11, 2001 — for a while. Little fights seemed like just that: little fights, annoying slights and nothing more.

If there is something good that comes of something bad, it is this: priorities — we get them right.

In my world and what I cover in this world, invariably it's about "the economy, stupid." I realize, of course, that's wrong: "It's about living, stupid."

It's about appreciating you can't advance your life if you don't have a life.

It's about looking at the people who didn't make it out of those London trains and conclude, there but by the grace of God, could have gone I.

Maybe we hug our kids more and think of money less.

A bad day... to think good thoughts.

Here's just hoping it lasts more than a day.

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