Common Sense

Crazy Like a Fox?

Did I ever tell you about this guy I knew who got hit with cancer three times and that he got so fed up, that when he survived all that, he said this: "Well, I guess I ought to go out and find a cure for this darn thing."

And he committed millions — now hundreds of millions — to a cancer foundation that is aiming to do just that, in of all places, Utah.

His name is Jon Huntsman, the founder and force behind the petrochemical company that bears his name.

But old Jon came to mind when I was at a financial function last week and the issue of the president's Social Security plans came up.

"Never gonna happen," said one.

"Dead on arrival," said another.

It just got me thinking: Pessimists rule the day, but crazy optimists save it.

Jon Huntsman is crazy enough to say he's going to help rid the world of cancer — despite all the naysayers and all the second-guessers.

Jon has already saved lives. Why is it crazy to think the president can't save Social Security? Because the press says he can't? Just like the press said he didn't have the mandate or support for one tax cut... let alone three?


Maybe reasonable experts get it wrong... a reasonably good amount of time. Reasonable men and women don't take chances. Crazy men and women do. Until the reasonable people conclude, maybe those crazy people weren't so crazy after all.

Remember, reasonable people make predictions. Unreasonable people prove them wrong.

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