Common Sense

Eat the Rich?

I can already see the e-mails coming on this one, because I'm about to stick up for a group that hardly needs any support, money, or connections. They've got plenty.

I'm talking about the rich.

Often maligned for doing good, we go after the rich to pay for things gone bad.

Take Social Security. The program desperately needs dough, so naturally we go after the guys who have the dough. Hike the $90,000 threshold and — wham-bam-thank-you-m'am — problems solved!

Or take New Jersey. The state can't stop spending, so we tap the rich to keep the boondoggles coming.

Time and again, when things are broke, we rely on the rich to fix them. Never mind that the rich pay the most in taxes, or that they pay more in taxes as a group "after" the Bush tax cuts than they did "before" the Bush tax cuts.

They've got it, so they better give it.

And never mind the fact the top 1 percent in this country pay a third of the taxes in this country. Or that the top 5 percent pay more than half.

They can, so they do.

What worries me isn't the ridiculous class warfare game here, but the real sin here. If you lump some sorry social program on the rich, you're not fixing the sorry social program. You're just finding a sugar daddy to keep it going.

Only in America can the politicians blast the guys who pay for the pigs at the trough, while never admitting that there are "any" pigs at the trough.

Look, I'm not even saying you have to tell the rich, thank you. But I think they're due something a tad better than a screw you.

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