Common Sense

Where's the Good News?

Sometimes I believe we are what we hear and what we see.

What we hear is the economy is awful. What we see are a lot of images of those prisoners in Iraq.

And so we get bummed out. Frankly I can't figure it out.

I see an economy improving. I see more than a million jobs added in eight months.

I hear from businessmen in Iraq that they're doing a lot more business in Iraq. That oil's flowing again out of Iraq.

I hear from CEOs here who talk of booming earnings here -- double what they thought they'd be here.

I hear of soldiers opening schools there and Cisco hiring a hundred new technicians here.

I hear of shops and restaurants doing booming business there and home sales still thriving here.

I hear of women talking about freedoms they never thought they'd have there and men and women re-entering the workforce seeing more opportunities here.

No, things are not perfect there and they're not perfect here.

But they're better than we're told and better than we hear.

They say if a tree falls in a forest and no one's there to see it, you can't hear it. It's a pity we have a lot of good news, but so few are willing to report it.

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