Diane Moore, Sr. VP of Passenger Services, Crystal Cruises

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TERRY KEENAN, GUEST HOST: The economic impact of SARS is also very large. Crystal Cruises, for example, has banned people from Toronto from vacationing on a fleet of luxury ships because the company is concerned about the risk. The company also canceling three trips to China. On the phone with us now is Diane Moore, she’s senior vice president of Passenger Services for Crystal Cruises.

And Diane, welcome. You are not letting people who live in Toronto or Hong Kong or other places even take your cruises; correct?

DIANE MOORE, SR. VP OF PASSENGER SERVICES, CRYSTAL CRUISES: No. This decision in terms of adding Toronto to the list was made just last week when the World Health Organization increased its level of concern about Toronto and designating it as one of the affected areas of a local chain of transmission.

KEENAN: Other than having these geographic limitations, how are you screening for SARS, because I would think if the disease did get on to one of your boats, a lot of the passengers would be sitting ducks.

MOORE: Right. We are very concerned about the safety of our guests and our crew, and that is the most important thing. We are doing a screening of all guests prior to embarkation of both the vessels. They need to complete a questionnaire regarding their travels within the past 10 days or if they have had contact with anyone who has SARS or symptoms of SARS. And that point they will be screened by our ship’s physician. In addition, we’ve got increased sanitation practices on board. Antiviral wipes prior to embarkation have been in use now for about the last six months and are continuing, frequent use of disinfectants in commonly used areas as well.

KEENAN: What’s the economic fallout for you?

MOORE: Well, for us it was very large, we had a series of cruises in China that were actually just beginning at the outbreak of SARS. When it was first noted in mid-March, we operated two of the five cruises and we ended up canceling the last three just about 10 days ago because of our concern and because of our guest’s concern about traveling to that part of the world.

KEENAN: For people who remember the outbreak of various illnesses on cruise ships late last year, is there any connection and have you done an investigation to see if there is any connection between those illnesses and SARS?

MOORE: No. That was really a very different type of an illness. This is upper respiratory illness. And certainly, it is outbreak is very different. But our concern is the same. Our concern is the safety of our guests and crew, as I said before. And we are taking every precaution to ensure that we continue with that safety.

KEENAN: All right. Thanks, Diane.

MOORE: OK, thank you.

KEENAN: Appreciate it, Diane Moore of Crystal Cruises.

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