Common Sense

Lighten Up

I don't know about you, but I like happy people.

Happy people are great to be around. They generally don't complain -- I hate complainers -- and they're fun to work with. People that laugh and kid and smile. I can work with people like that.

I'm just glad I'm not president of the United States, because I couldn't work with people like North Korea's President Kim Jong Il.

Is this guy not the most serious man on the planet? Have you ever -- ever -- seen this dude smile? Even chuckle? I'll settle for a smirk? I'll save you the trouble. No, not ever.

What's more, he's apparently made this sourpuss policy tumble tragically from the top down. Not trickle down, but trickle "dour."

And, North Korean soldiers? I know they have to goose-step and all that, but would it kill any of them to show anything bordering on pleasant? I have never, ever seen a more serious, miserable, somber group of emotionally constipated guys in all my life. For all I know, they really "are" constipated.

Don't you feel like just screaming into a megaphone: "Everyone, lighten up!"

It's hard to reason with people like that. For god's sake, even Saddam smiles.

I'm not asking you to be Robin Williams. Heck, I'll settle for Andy Williams.

A smile, a wink, even a dirty joke? Anything!

But no. All stiff, all the time.

I suspect that people like that, don't much like this world. So the way I see it, they'd probably have no problem blowing up this world.

It's not in their words, it's in their faces. And that's what worries me.

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