Waze introduces Planned Drives for iOS



Waze introduced Planned Drives for iOS Wednesday as part of its new 4.3 version.

The program takes the stress and uncertainty out of the planning process when you have someplace to be, according to Waze. Users can enter the time and date they need to arrive at their chosen destination, and Waze will remind them, and recommend the best time to leave and route to take. Planned Drives also aims to make managing schedules and to-dos easier with its traffic alerts and reminders.

After users have opened the Waze app and entered their destination. they can choose the Waze Planned Drives icon from the ETA panel. The  Planned Drives option will open and will display peak traffic hours along the chosen route. The system also takes into account expected traffic conditions based on smart algorithms, aggregated traffic history and predictive analysis, according to the developer.