Megabyte: Why you need a $45 lightbulb

Megabyte: A new LED light bulb that doubles as a flashlight; turn a composition notebook into an iPad case; Sproutling's new innovative baby monitor


This is megabyte: For gadget geeks who love their gizmos.

First, the coolest light bulb ever. Even if the lights go out this dual purpose rechargeable LED bulb can last up to 60,000 hours -- and it can run for 3 hours when used as a flashlight.  available from the MoMA store … for just $45.

Living on ramen noodles and dreams but still want cool tech accessories?  Here’s how to make a composition notebook into an iPad case in just a few easy steps.

Helicopter parents take note! A new wearable baby monitor is almost here and all the buzz. Start-up company Sproutling is looking to raise capital to develop this kidney-shaped wearable device that links to your mobile phone.

Meaning it’s official: there really is an app for everything.

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