iPad mini Launch Tipped for Oct. 23, Stealing Windows 8 Thunder

October 10th, the supposed day that iPad mini announcement event invites were going to be delivered, came and went with nary a peep from Apple. Well, it looks like we all may have circled the wrong date on our collective calendar, which could be bad news for Microsoft.

Multiple sources tell AllThingsD that Apple still plans to pull back the curtain on the iPad mini later this month, but they peg October 23rd as the big day, rather than the previously rumored October 17th. The insiders stayed mum as to the exact event location.

If that date holds true, Apple could be postponing the announcement to steal a bit of thunder from the widely anticipated arrival of Windows 8, and perhaps more importantly, Microsoft's self-made (and impressive looking) Microsoft Surface tablet. Microsoft's slate is slated to hit store shelves on October 26th, just three days after the alleged announce date of the iPad mini.

Several sources have claimed the iPad mini is already in mass production in Asian factories. Apple's new tablet supposedly sports a 7.85-inch non-Retina display and an eight-pin Lightning connector, but it might lack a 4G LTE radio because of Apple's quest for affordability.

Image credit: Sonny Dickson