Gear up for fall TV with TV Guide’s new app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. Just tap to instantly find and watch your favorite shows, movies, sports and more at anytime, from anywhere.

“TV Guide’s new app is a non-stop companion for watching television. It allows you to watch TV instantly, anywhere, anytime, and allows you to manage and organize your favorites,” Christy Tanner, general manager of, told

The new features make it simple to search for programs, and if they aren't available on TV, it directs you to where you can immediately watch them -- on demand, on DVD, or streaming online. You can also personalize a watch list with not only your favorite shows but also sports teams, movies and actors. Tanner keeps "The Office" in her watch list, for example. 

"At a given time, there are 39 episodes on TV right now, 180 free episodes on demand from my service provider, and 161 episodes of 'The Office' that I can stream,” she said.

Tap the option of your choice and the all-inclusive app will take you there.

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“We have about a dozen streaming sources with app-to-app links within this app -- one of them is Hulu Plus, so I can instantly start watching this episode of the office through Hulu Plus on my iPad.”

The Hulu plus app is free, but service costs $7.99 a month to stream in full current season shows as well as classic past series.

TV Guide also partnered with Crackle -- a free way to watch full-length Hollywood movies and shows.  

Internal links also will direct you to free viewing from channels like ABC, ABC Family, and CW, which offer their content for viewing after it has aired on TV. And if you already subscribe to premium channels like HBO through your cable service provider, then you can watch content via HBO Go, MAX Go without paying extra.

Social networking is another highlight of the upgraded app. Through your personalized list, you can check in to airing shows and chat with others as you watch.

“We check in real time how many people are checking into shows. This gives [the user] a list of what everyone else is watching," she told

“This really is a 360 degree, 24/7 TV app. There’s something for everybody, and not only will it tell you what’s on, but will let you watch it instantly within your device.”

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