Respects and tributes poured in online and at stores worldwide from Apple fans stunned and saddened by the death of company co-founder Steve Jobs yesterday.

The death of the iconic CEO -- the man who revolutionized the technology industry and made personal computers personal -- has left devotees shocked and saddened.

Through Twitter and Facebook, throngs of Apple fans expressed their sadness and accounts of how Jobs's vision and imagination changed their lives. Twitter fans expressed solace and showed solidarity by appending "RIP Steve Jobs" and "iSad" to their tweets. 

Many felt a personal connection to Steve Jobs: His company's products such as the iPad and iPhone have played a critical role in connecting friends, family and business around the world.

Apple has no plans for a public service, according to a company spokesperson. So many instead paid their respects at their nearest Apple store locations where impromptu vigils with candles, notes and flowers emerged in front of store locations across Beijing, London, Los Angeles and New York. 

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At Apple's 14th Street location in Manhattan, bouquets were laid out as early as 5:00a.m. EDT, with dozens of notes lining the pristine, clear windows of the store.

"iThanks" and "we will miss you" were handwritten on post-it notes left by passersby.

Others were a little more personal in how they paid their respects. Philippe Meinier, from Montreal, Canada, left his business card and wrote "Thanks, Steve." 

"I just want to say thank you because in the early 90s we started a company with two partners and a Mac and now we are a global firm," Meinier told 

"Because of him my life is great today."

Steve Jobs died at the age of 56.

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