Phone Spying Software Helps Tracks Cheating Spouse

New software helps catch unfaithful spouses

New software helps catch unfaithful spouses  (iStock)

If you suspected your spouse, child or employee was up to no good, would you want concrete proof? Would it help if you had access to every phone call, text and e-mail they sent?

If so, a new cell-phone spying application might be right up your alley.

Made by Retina Software and released Wednesday (Feb. 23), ePhoneTracker allows users to monitor every move made on a person’s mobile phone, from call info and text messages to websites visited, e-mails sent and received, new contacts added and even the GPS coordinates of the phone’s user.

Even deleted e-mails and texts can be retrieved by ePhoneTracker.

“Armed with this information, you will know the truth about what your spouse, child or employee does while you’re not around,” reads. “You will be able to confirm your suspicions and have peace of mind.”

The person doing the tracking receives e-mails of all actions performed on the targeted cell phone, while the person being tracked remains blissfully innocent (to the electronic spying, at least). No signs that he or she is being watched appear on the phone.

The software sells for $49.97. It is available for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile 6 or Symbian OS 9.

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