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GLENN BECK, HOST: Last night, almost 3 million people watched this broadcast to find out about George Soros. Last night, we introduced you to the puppet master — billionaire, financier George Soros — notorious for collapsing economies and regimes all around the world.

He's known as the man who broke the Bank of England. The prime minister of Malaysia called Soros an "unscrupulous profiteer." In Thailand, he was branded the "economic war criminal." They also said that he sucks the blood from people.

In 1994, George Soros stated, quote, "Just right that the former Soviet Empire is now called the Soros Empire."

Combine these credits with his power, along with his financial fortune, it is no wonder that he fancies himself some sort of god. That's not something that we have said, that is something that he claims. He has described himself over and over again as some sort of god, even as the conscience of the world.


GEORGE SOROS, BILLIONAIRE/FINANCIER: Yes, I did say that, and actually, I stand by it. I think the world very much needs a conscience. I want my foundation network to be the conscience of the world.


BECK: OK. He wants it to be the conscience of the world. He's a very, very generous man. Most people in the world know him as a philanthropist — huge charity guy. Well, we'll look into that charity tonight.

He gets a kick out of playing god. It's actually amusing to him. He said in his own words, "It's a game."

Unfortunately, what Mr. Soros forgets is these are real people. This is not some game. Real lives are being destroyed for his financial gain and for his power.

I'm called a hate-monger because I have conservative views and positions like, I don't know, let people keep their money.

And let me tell you this — it takes a cold, cold heart to have full knowledge that what you are doing to make a buck is literally destroying the lives of people. And now, he's messing with your life. He says, in his own words, America is his next target.


SOROS: I became concerned with the problems of globalization. They had global markets, but their politics is based on sovereign of states. So, how do you deal with that issue?

And then, I came to the realization that open society is in danger by our current leadership, in this country. And that is when I refocused my attention on the United States.


BECK: He has focused his attention. This isn't a hypothesis. This has been proven. This is what this man does. He has done it before and now, he wants orderly decline of the dollar — his words, not mine.

If you thought $5 or $4 a gallon gas is painful, wait until Soros devalues your dollar even more. Forget driving. How about eating?

We told you just recently, I told you this for, what, two years now? That they would devalue the dollar and that inflation would come.

"Financial Times" reported it today. It's about to be added to your grocery bill. And if you're the one in the household doing the grocery shopping, you've already seen it. But, oh, you haven't seen nothing yet.

As they devalue the dollar, in orderly decline, you will start to see prices like one group — inflation group predicted that it will soon cost
$11 — $11.43 for an ear of corn. One ear.

How about going to the grocery store and seeing a price tag on loaf of wheat bread of $23.05?

This sugar, this size, 32 ounces of sugar — $62.21.

For the milk, good old soy milk — I mean, who doesn't — smooth and delicious, $24.31 for this size.

For a container of this coffee, Folgers, 11 1/2 ounces, $77.71.

For a container of orange juice, not this size but for 64 fluid ounces, Minute Maid orange juice, they are now saying it will be $45.71.

And one thing I couldn't believe and we called the experts and ask them, OK, please tell me that the institute on inflation is nuts. No. No, no. They're not, unfortunately.

I couldn't believe that one candy bar, one Hersey's milk chocolate candy bar, 1 1/2 ounces, Hershey's milk chocolate, $15.50.

This, Mr. Soros, is not a game — at least not for the shlubs outside of your world. I don't know anybody inside the world of George Soros. Well, you've got Timothy Geithner. You have Ben Bernanke. You have most of the politicians in Washington.

We are the ones who are going to risk in this game. When he manages the decline of our dollar, him and his minions in Washington, who do think pays the price? Will it be him? Or will it be you?

You see, he knows what's coming. And because of that, he can hedge. He knows exactly where to go. He knows where the exits are. And he's done it over and over again.

He will gain profit and power — and you will lose both. He's playing god, which is fine by him because he's an atheists.

So, there has to be a god. Who's going to fill that void? Well, he's smart enough to do it.

In one transcript, he said that he was benevolent just like god. He sees the future just like god. So, what does god's bible preach? Globalization.


SOROS: Open society is a desirable form of social organization, both as a means to an end, and as an end itself.


BECK: OK. That's, by the way, replacement of republic, an open society.

This is not a leap of faith. I am stating this as fact. And as I told you last night at and on, you will find all of these facts and all the research.

Do not take my word for it. Not one bit on this show. Do not take my word for it. Read about it yourself.

Most of it comes in the form of his own words. Come on over here for a second.

These are — many of these are the books we use to prepare the show. And many of these books are written by him. This one, this one, this one. You can read about it.

He's not shy about telling you. I mean God wrote a book, too. He wrote three.

Because of his own words, we know what to look for. We know the signs. We know what he's done in the past to bring down regimes. He's left a blueprint, pattern to look for.

And now that Soros is saying that he has turned his focus and set his sights on America, don't you think we should look at his past and see how he has done it before? What are the footprints? Where is he leaving fingerprints? How did he do it? Four or five times before.

Well, we also should look at what has he accomplished so far, how far down that line is he.

Tonight, we look at the puppet master's latest work of art: America under siege.


BECK: All right. George Soros has his sights on America.

So, how does he view us? Well, it's easy. He views us like this: America is the main obstacle to a stable and just world order, the United States — his words, not mine.

So, not only does he want to bring America to her knees, financially, he wants to reap obscene profits off us as well. Like when he made $1 billion off the collapse of the British sterling — his claim, not mine.


SOROS: The money that I made on this particular transaction would be estimated about $1 billion.

CHARLIE ROSE: You are the guy they said who broke the Bank of England.

SOROS: Right. And —

ROSE: And did.

SOROS: Well, that's true.



BECK: He's just a loveable, old spooky dude. By the way, his people when they met my number two in the story that I told you last night, and remember left us this threat — I mean this gift. He says they didn't really make that much of it. So, is he lying then or is he lying now? Which is it?

This man causes misery in his wake. People's lives were ruined. Retirement account, savings, jobs, all gone. Grandma and grandpa saved their whole life — gone. And he just walks away.

You saved your whole life if you put all of your money away for retirement. It's now worth 30 percent less in the last 10 years. And it's about to worth a lot less.

What are you going to do? Are you going to go back and get another job?

See, he doesn't think about that stuff because your life is a game to this man. And again, listen to George Soros in his own words.


SOROS: When you try to improve society, you affect different people and different interests differently. And they are not actually commensurate. So, you very often have all kind of unintended adverse consequences.

So I have to experiment. And it was — it was a learning process. The first part was this subversive activity, disrupting the oppressive regimes. That was a lot of fun. That's actually what we hoped on this whole enterprise.


BECK: That was a lot of fun, experimenting with people's lives. This is what happens when people put themselves in an elite category or point themselves rulers, or in his case, see themselves as some sort of a god. You become a play thing and he is the all-knowing, all-seeing creator.

He has been playing this game for a very long time. Before I show you how he's playing it now and what is coming, I want to start in Czechoslovakia. Half a century ago in Czechoslovakia, it was a scary, scary time to live in this part of the world.

The world was changing. Europe was on fire. Joblessness, hunger — hunger was on the rise. People didn't know what to do. Protesters started rioting in the street. The average person was frightened out of their mind.

And so, what did they do? They begged the government. Please bring order. Stop the people rioting in the streets. Well, they did.

And the next thing the average person knew, they were a communist country. It is important to remember this story because that's what history books would tell you. But there is now new documents out that were never supposed to be released and it plays directly into today and what is happening in America. And we'll get to that by the bottom of the hour.

But right now, I want to show you the signs. What is George Soros trying to do? What is it? How does he do it?

After country after country after country, we found that there are five steps to him gaining control. He does it over and over and over again. So, let's see what the steps are and let's if he's done any of them here.

The first one is form a shadow government using humanitarian aid as cover. This is what he just said. It's kind of funny. It's kind of fun. The first step he said is subversive activities. OK?

Step two: control the airwaves. Fund existing radio and TV outlets and take control over them or start your own outlets. Remember: take control of existing or start your own.

Step three: destabilize the state, weaken the government and build an anti-government kind of feeling in this country. You exploit an economic crisis or take advantage of existing crisis — pressure from the top and the bottom. This will allow you to weaken the government and build anti- government public sentiment.

Step four: you provoke an election crisis. You wait for an election. And during the election, you cry voter fraud.

Step five: take power. You stage massive demonstrations, civil disobedience, sit-ins, general strike, you encourage activism. You promote voter fraud and tell followers what to do through your radio and television stations.

We'll start at the beginning, shall we? Do any of those sound familiar? This is the way George Soros takes a country down every time — every time.

Again, he's done — how many times, Joe (ph), four or five? Four times — four times before. We'll be number five.

So, let's go back here. The five steps to control. The first one is form a shadow government using humanitarian aid as a cover.

Now, is he doing this? Well, let me start with the central George Soros operation, which is OSI. This is his main group. OSI, it is the Open Society Institute. It sounds warm and fuzzy. And to hear the way they tell it, it is warm and fuzzy.

Oddly enough, yesterday, in a sign of I think total panic and collapse, OSI released a video talking all about all the wonderful things that George Soros does. It's fantastic! Must have cost a fortune to put this up. Coincidentally, it's released the day that we do our special to show that he's just a loveable, old philanthropist.

That's all he does, he cares about people. Oh, I'm sure he does. I'm sure he does. Because he's a humanitarian. He's a philanthropist, you know? He gives tons of money. I'll show you that whole thing at the end of the show.

Through the Open Society Foundation, he donates almost half a billion dollars annually to charity causes all around the globe. Well, that's fantastic. That's fantastic. I love people who give a lot of money to charity. I think that's fantastic. I do.

Now, when you look at a charity, this is what I learned when I started to try to be responsible with my money, you look at people as an investment. Who's — what's the best way to invest in people. But you need, if you're going to give away half a billion dollars every single year, you better have somebody who really knows how to manage it and you better have somebody who has a big, big heart.

Who is the person to head up your charitable arm, Mr. Soros? Well, he found — he just found — I mean, just the founder of SDS, the radical student group from the 1960s. You remember — you remember the days of rage riots? Yes. Oh, and the spin-off group, Weather Underground? Yes.

Just the guy who started this stuff, that's who heads the charitable arm. It's almost like subversive activities are kind of fun to Mr. Soros under the cover of humanitarian aid.

So, OSI spreads money all over the country, but I'm sure — I'm sure the head of OSI, he's probably changed. One of the things that OSI funded was the Shadow Conventions in 2000. It funneled up one-third of the Shadow Convention — who hosted here — I mean, unless you are an avid C-Span watcher, you probably don't remember them, but it was an attempt to, as they put it, focus on the issues that the parties just won't touch, issues like campaign finance reform.

Wait a minute. Last night, campaign finance reform. That's a good humanitarian thing, isn't it? Seriously, that going to feed a lot of children.

Campaign finance reform — remember we said he spent over $100 million to get campaign finance reform. And what happened? Oh, yes, I remember. It led to the boom in 501(c)(3)s, like, or "Media Matters," or any of the other things that he seems to fund. They can take in as much money as they want.

And now, all of those — all of those political organizations are controlled by George Soros. But remember, it's humanitarian. One of the organizers of the Shadow Convention was Arianna Huffington, which is now getting the "Huffington Post" money from George Soros to be able to hire reporters. Isn't that great?

She was introducing here in 2000 at the Shadow Convention, she was introducing somebody else, another guest speaker, another co-organizer of the event. Watch.


ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, HUFFINGTON POST: When I'm moving to the reflect on the issue of the Shadow Convention, but the persistence of poverty in the middle of our prosperity and it gives me great pleasure to welcome one of our conveners, the Reverend Jim Wallis, the head of the Call to Renewal, a new coalition of churches to fight poverty and the editor of "Sojourners" magazine. He's also been a mentor and inspiration to me. So, get ready to be inspired, Jim Wallis.


BECK: Praise Jesus. Jim Wallis. Sojourners. Faith politics culture. That's right.

Sojourners, didn't he get a bunch of money recently to help boycott me? That's right! I remember him now. And Sojourners, another group funded by OSI.

George Soros, an atheist, dumping a whole bunch of money into a Christian organization. That almost doesn't make sense. Oh, but it's humanitarian. It kind of makes you question the motives, doesn't it?

Of course, it doesn't take long to see that his attraction to Jim Wallis is because he's a big government progressive. The solution is not with the people and the churches, it is get everybody into the government. He's infiltrating the churches. You see how it works?

I know. I know. I'm sorry, Mr. Soros, it's just humanitarian aid.

Step number two is to control the airwaves. Has George Soros done this at all? Well, Open Society — I mean, it's very innocent here. I mean, it's pure as the driven snow — recently donated $1.8 million so that NPR could hire new journalist. Do we have the NPR thing? Yes, they just -
- $1.8 million so they could hire 100 journalists.

And then Soros wrote $100 million check to "Media Matters" to go along with — sorry, $1 million to go along with NPR, which was great. Their stated goal, by the way, what got him to write that was they're going to get me off the air and then destroy FOX. Isn't that great?

By the way, he gave that million dollars and all that money after we were threatened — I mean, we were given a gift by Mr. Soros and they realize that I wouldn't shut up. I wouldn't stop. And so, then, he decided, well, I guess I'm going to have to destroy him another way.

A million dollars also to the, this is a Web site that they developed with the NAACP's media staff. It's supposed to expose the intolerant element of the Tea Party. Then the NAACP takes its content and collaborates with Think Progress, another Soros funded group, along with "Media Matters" — and there you go.

The next three steps, next.


BECK: We're talking about the plan of control that George Soros uses to take control of the governments. The first one was to form shadow government using humanitarian aid as a cover — in George Soros' words, subversive activities.

By the way, here's Sojourners. Here's a letter a friend of mine gave me today. It's me on the cover. "Glenn Beck doesn't like us. We must be doing something right." It's a fundraising letter for this guy.

Number two: control the airwaves. Is he doing that? Yes.

Number three: destabilize the state and weaken the government and build an anti-government sentiment. OK. So, is he doing this? Well, again, we go back to his organization.

His humanitarian organization heavily funds the Tides Foundation — the Tides Foundation, $4.2 million. They are the ones that funded the anti-capitalist "Story of Stuff" indoctrination videos that we have told you that helps the kids resent government that supports a free market system.

Tides, itself, takes some of its money and then it sends on to places like the Apollo Alliance, the home of Van Jones. They're the ones that also crafted the stimulus bill, you know, for the little guy, like Andy Stern. I think we know how everyone feels about the stimulus bill.

Also, OSI decides that they're going to fund a place called the Center for American Progress. You know that one. That's a progressive think tank that churns out big government ideas, and who get many of their ideas from another group OSI funds, the IPS. This is the Institute for Policy Studies.

You know what they've just come out with? This is great. They've just come out with a couple things. First, President Obama needs to bypass Congress and issue more executive orders now that the election is over.

And they've come out with this exciting new report that says, quote, "Outside pressure, inside strategy." Wow! That sounds familiar. "Inside strategy, outside pressure" — it's almost like bottom up, top down. What am I — what am I remembering here? Oh, yes, I remember, Czechoslovakia — top to bottom, bottom to top, inside out.

Remind me of that along with George Soros and Van Jones in just a few minutes. I'll show you something that will blow your mind.

Step four — step four is provoke an election crisis. Well, that, of course, that doesn't — we haven't done anything like that, you know, where you lose confidence in the vote? No, no, no. Of course not.

Of course, you have OSI funding ACORN. This is a group that's willing to sell, you know, human sex slave traffickers and give them a tax break.

Soros also created this SOS, the Secretary of State Project. This is a group that is specifically designed to groom and elect secretary of states around the nation because they're the ones who have to certify election results. How do you think — what's his name from Minnesota got in last time? Remember all that? Remember? Al Franken.

Yes, who is this project? Isn't that weird? They're the ones that call the shots.

And Soros has pumped millions in voting-related groups, some of them legitimate, some get caught doing illegal things, some are kind of little shady.

I like this one myself, One America Votes. They get money from the Tides. Remember, Soros funds that group. They send illegal immigrants door to door in Washington state just before this last election to tell people that they were illegal, but you should get out and vote. There's George Soros for you.

Then step number five: take power. Take power — this one is kind of hand in hand with stage demonstrations. This one is about to come.

We've already seen the beginnings of it, the One Nation rally. We saw this. This is the labor union rally in D.C. as a response to 8.28 — a project of the Tides Center, aka, George Soros' group.

OSI also donated to the Ruckus Society, environmental justice group known for their aggressive tactics. Remember, that was the guy I told you about last night who was causing all the riots in Seattle?

Then, OSI has donated to several groups who are trying to get me off the air. You have Faith in Public Life, that's funded by OSI. They're calling for my head.

You have Sojourners, of course. They're calling for my head.

You have "Media Matters."

All of them out of the pocket of George Soros.

Mark my words. And I believe I said that for the last two years on inflation. As I told you, massive inflation will come and you're beginning to see it now. Staged demonstrations and riots in the streets, you will see them here.

What you're seeing today in the U.K., these students demonstrating in the streets. That's a demonstration, by the way. They will come here, too, because what are they rioting about? That they are cutting services at schools and raising tuitions. Really?

Well, they will come, and they will be orchestrated, funded, or they will be exploited by Soros-like groups. If you're watching this show, and George Soros is the puppet master, so I'm sure he's having somebody else watch it, what happens? What happens to all of these groups? What happens to all of these groups?

This man is playing god. He thinks he's god. God created the earth in six days and then rested on the seventh. Well, George Soros has created all of these things.

And believe me, it's not just in fact here. Do you have this?

Yes, come here, Erin. Come here. You stand over here. Stand. Lovely and talented Erin.

These are the open society — these are just the things that he has donated to, I just want to say, because we don't have a lot of time so I wanted to show you the list.

These are the lists of the organization that are involved, you know, in these five steps. And we wrote it out for you, but I just wanted to show you that, you know, it's no big deal. It's not like you're overpowered or anything like this.

There is more. This is less than half of them. But other than that, there is nothing to see here. Just move on with your lives. Nothing to see here, folks.

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