Glenn Beck's Offer to George Soros

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GLENN BECK, HOST: So, I have been telling you now about Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, the fact that they are just making stuff up now. I mean, they are just making it up. It's a comedy show. It is. And it's kind of sad because of that.

Foreign money attack against the Chamber — a lie. Better Business Bureau can be bought off — it's a lie. Republicans are blocking reform — it's a lie.

I mean, ask your friends and neighbors to watch this episode. Ask them, what part do we have wrong? Just — and watch this episode, what does he have wrong?

Show them the facts. All of this, all of this can be found on the Internet. All of it.

Now, here's the scary part. We are heading down the same path as France or Greece or, oh, Venezuela. Venezuela, beautiful this time of year. Oh, when the trees start to change color to be a little more red like the flag, oh, it's beautiful.

Of course, things aren't going well, there. What a surprise. Hugo Chavez now is seizing grocery stores and rationing food. Who would have seen that coming?

Anyway, this is what eventually happens when you try to control people, because people don't like to be controlled and so they give up. That's weird.

But all of that is happening when good people do nothing. See what I mean? Yes. As a whole, America, for a long time, has done nothing. But here's the great part. We've been doing a lot lately.

George Soros, however, while we were like — he was wide awake and he's obviously been busy for many, many years. He's been expanding his influence through groups such as the Tides Foundation. And if you think it's too much to call him the evil emperor from "Star Wars" episode, really more of the "Episode Six" emperor.

If you think it's too much, well, he is the guy who's called for the managed decline of the U.S. dollar. Gee, George, thank you so much. I can't wait for my money to be worth less. Thank you.

I want you to watch for something. I want you to watch for his editorial because it is coming — only a matter of time. George, do you have it written yet? It will be the end of the dollar when writes it. He's done it with four other currencies and each currency has collapsed.

See, what he does is buys up everything he can. He buys gold, like, right now, he's buying gold in huge sums, and then he just — he waits for the right time and then he says, I don't know, I think maybe currency is not going to go so well, I'm not sure if I'm going to stay, and he sells and everybody panics, and they collapse. Four times. You're going to go for number five?

We will keep an eye out for that spooky, spooky dude. Opinion piece that you are — so, next week, when is it, six months from now? We'll watch. Take your time.

He's also done other things like he bought up the secretary of states for elections recount. SOS. Yes. In fact, the SOS, it's the secretary of state that he helped that helped count the votes for Al Franken.

And now, here's what he's doing. He loves us so much he's like a spooky, old grandfather. He's buying up journalists. Soros' Open Society Institute just announced for you $1.8 million to add 100 journalists at NPR radio stations across the country. The only good thing here is at least George Soros is now just buying the reporters out in the open. So, that's great.

So, the Huffington Post is going to be funded by George Soros and the Tides Foundation and their investigative arm. Yes. And then Soros Open Society Institute is helping fund NPR. That is great.

I know George Soros is only doing this — bloggers, by the way, pause your — you know, World of Warcraft for a second, wipe the Cheetos off your fingers. Are you ready? Because I'm going issue a challenge here — because I'm sure spooky dude, George s Soros, now at the end, do you understand? Just like the emperor.

I'm sure spooky, old dude George Soros would be able to explain all of this and he'd say, well, that's not what I'm doing here. I'm not calling for the collapse. I haven't collapsed four currencies. No, no, I haven't done any of those things. The Tides Foundation, what Tides Foundation? I thought I was buying laundry detergent.

I'm sure that's what it is. And I know George Soros — I know he wants to get to the bottom of it. That's why he's spending all of those millions of dollars with NPR. He wants to get to the bottom of things. That's right.

So, George, I'm offering you one hour on this broadcast, you and me, mano-a-mano, no minions, no spin doctors, no NPR journalists, just you and me. You are so much smarter than I am. You are so much more worldly. You have lived over in Europe, I haven't.

You're not afraid. No. You'd come on because you're the man. Now, I might disagree with you on some of your spooky, spooky ideas, but I'm sure you could just explain them to the American people. I'll give you the whole hour to do it.

I don't know if you know this, we don't have very many guests on the show. Rarely do we have a guest. You, the whole hour. One on one. It's great. It will be the battle of ideas to fix America. I shouldn't say "fix" because that is like neutering America. I mean fix kind of a different way than you probably mean fix America.

You can tell me and I will just — I'll be right here. Call me. The White House has the number. I'm sure you will be for that. There it is. Mr. George Soros on this program, mano a mano. You and me, George. Come on, brother. Come on.

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