Glenn Beck Answers Studio Audience Questions

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JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO, GUEST HOST: Glenn recently hosted a program with a studio audience of Americans who took his 40-day, 40-night challenge. They had so much to say we kept the cameras rolling after the show. And the audience turned the tables on Glenn -- you've got to see this -- and they asked him questions.

Take a look.


AUDIENCE MEMBER: You being in the spotlight now and you having so much popularity, what do you do perhaps on a daily basis to keep yourself humble, to keep yourself in reverence to God and so that --

GLENN BECK, HOST: I pray on my knees.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: -- it's not transferred onto you. Do you know what I mean?

BECK: I have been on my knees three times today. And believe me, I pray for gentle reminders of humility. Never ask him to humble you, because he gives it to you with anvils from the sky. But I ask him for that.

And the Lord is -- the Lord is reminding me every day. Believe me, that is a question that I asked members of my staff two hours ago. I said, am I becoming arrogant?

And I do my best to keep myself in check. Thank you for asking. Please pray for that.


AUDIENCE MEMBER: There's defining moments in everyone's life. For me, when I was young, it was Kennedy being shot. Then it was 9/11, which I survived. I feel like there's a guardian angel surrounding me all the time. I've been so blessed.

And whenever I'm going through the most difficult times in my life, I just say the serenity prayer and I know that everything will be OK. And it is.

BECK: It will. It will. Thank you.


AUDIENCE MEMBER: Have you ever war gamed -- I mean, with what's going on in our country?

BECK: Yes, Jean, I war game for a living in many ways. I have some of the best war gamers available. I mean, I've war gamed with people who have war gamed for the Pentagon.

And yes -- I think we have done a good job at looking at many of the possibilities. It doesn't mean they happen. And we don't talk about them on the air necessarily because, you know, there is a million things that could happen.

And as I have sat down with war gamers, the things that I've learned the most is, there are a million ways for this to go awry. And there are very few ways to pull it back from the brink. And that's one of the reasons why the 40-day, 40-night challenge came because only God, only this country turning back to God because He's not disinterested. He's not disinterested.

He -- freedom is his. And He may not care about what we've done, he needs freedom on Earth to fulfill His purposes. And if we are not the people, He'll wipe us out. I mean, He won't, He will allow to us wipe ourselves out and then He'll just find a new group of people. And His purposes won't be forwarded. So, if we turn to Him, we'll be good.


AUDIENCE MEMBER: Hi. How about a show about stay-at-home moms who came out for the cause really strong? Home-schooling moms. I know plenty, so many, like -- I'm one. I was a home-schooling mom, just comfortably and quietly educating my children for 17 years.

BECK: Good for you. I'll tell you what? We may do a show on home schooling because my wife home-schools and she just started. And my -- I have seen the courage that it takes from my wife.

She is a humble woman -- really smart. But she's -- you know, she has grown up with a, you know, with a society that says, well, no, no, no. You need a teacher to do that. And she's terrified that she's going to teach the wrong things and she's not smart enough to do it or whatever. She's had a hard time because psychologically, it's tough to convince yourself that yes, you can do it.

Yes, up there --

AUDIENCE MEMBER: I just -- I feel like one of our greatest treasures are our seniors who are just enjoying life and doing all the fun things and they could be doing so many things.

BECK: Can I tell you something?

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Is there any program done to activate them?

BECK: No, there is not a program but I'm about to start one. It's not an official program but a challenge because our greatest resource are the people who have retired.

And, you know, moms may be so busy just trying to keep both, you know, both incomes going, and they can't educate your children -- their children. Well, grandma can and so can grandpa.

And we must get them involved.

You guys went out and you earned money and you did it all. And you fought, you did the right thing. You fought in Vietnam. These losers didn't. And here they are again coming to the plate. And it's the last chance for that generation to redeem itself, or redeem them, you know, so to speak.

And honestly, our families are so strapped that they don't -- they can't -- many can't teach their children because they can't stay at home. But I would have killed to have my grandparents teach me school. I mean, the best memories of my life are with my grandparents.

Thank you, guys.

Thank you.



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