'Glenn Beck': President Obama and the Hindenburg Omen

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GLENN BECK, HOST: I don't know about you, but I was on pins and needles last week. I was putting my life on hold, waiting with bated breath to find out what the president had to say about the Ground Zero mosque. Well, he finally told us — and I didn't know this at all — he finally said that Muslims had a constitutional right to build the mosque.

Well, when questioned about this crazy response, he said this:


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: In this country, we treat everybody equally, in accordance with the law, regardless of race, regardless of religion. I was not commenting and I will not comment on the wisdom of making a decision to put a mosque there.


BECK: See, I don't know about you, but I feel so enlightened. I didn't know this idea that Americans were pro-freedom of religion. I — you know, it's times like these that I'm so glad that we have such a fan of the Constitution in the White House to remind us, simpletons, of the brilliance of our Founding Fathers.

Oh, can you even imagine what it would be like if we had a president that, you know — I don't know — thought that maybe one of the great tragedies in America was that this pesky Constitution was a — let's get crazy — a charter of negative liberties that didn't bring about redistributive change? That would be —

By the way, 61 percent of Americans already understand we have the right, we have a right — you can be a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, you got a right. We get that. But 64 percent don't think there's any wisdom behind that decision.

So, Mr. President, next time you want a teachable moment, you are going to comment on it, maybe it should be about this part, and not about this part.

Oh, and, by the way, while the president worried about the Ground Zero mosque, there's something he's not paying attention to — it's called the "Hindenburg Omen." Oh, yes.

It's going to be a happy, happy Monday show. Come on along, kids!


BECK: Hello, America.

You're like, just when I thought Monday was going to really, really suck, then Glenn comes on. Yes. Oh, yes, yes, yes. Oh, it's going to be good today.

While the president was hosting an Iftar dinner for Ramadan — by the way, my apologies, I have didn't even know Ramadan was happening so I didn't get you a present. I'm sorry. But I am — I know it's late — but I'm going to put up my Ramadan tree after the program tonight.

Anyway, he's worried about the Ramadan, do I have the right stuff? And what to serve? He's also worried about the police, what they're doing in Cambridge and Arizona. He's been out celebrating the recovery summer. He needs vacations from his vacations. He's got to be so tired.

He seems either completely oblivious or completely content with the economic reality in America today.

You remember — remember that old TV show, I think somebody in the administration should watch this old TV show, send up a flare, you know?


"LOST IN SPACE": Unidentified object exert full power to get out of trap. Warning. Warning. Unidentified object —


BECK: Wouldn't it be great if we had that guy in the Oval Office? Warning, warning, Barack Obama. Warning! See? It would be handy. Because I don't think he is noticing some of the signs.

I showed you last week, none of the economic indicators are headed in the right direction — warning, warning. The latest warning sign from economists is something I like to call the "Hindenburg Omen." That doesn't sound good.

Now, for those of you who took history taught by a progressive, the Hindenburg was a giant 7 million cubic foot blimp built by the Nazis. They were bad. They filled it with highly flammable hydrogen gas. I mean, what could possibly go wrong there with full of the explosive gas?

So, obviously, something coming from economists called the "Hindenburg Omen" can't be a good thing unless you're Cloward and Piven. You know, it's our stock market telling us that we are headed for — the Hindenburg Omen serves as technical indicator of impending stock market crashes.

Well, we met the requirements for a Hindenburg Omen on Friday. Yes, he was having a Ramadan dinner while these things were happening.

You see, there's about five of these things that are very technical and I don't want to bore you with all the details.

Looking back at history — the probability of all these things happening means that there is a market move greater than 5 percent to the downside after confirmed Hindenburg Omen. That means we're going to have a market go down at least 5 percent and the chances of that, with all of these things happening, is about 77 percent.

So, a "market crash" is not a "mortal lock" when the omen is in effect, but every New York Stock Exchange crash since 1985 has been preceded by the Hindenburg Omen. And the 5 percent move usually takes place within the next 40 days.

Forty days — 40 days, why does that sound — you know? We'll almost be in October in 40 days. October — October, why does that one ring a bell?

I remember! The last time the Hindenburg Omen conditions were met in a big way was October 2008, when the market crashed. And then before that, it was October of 1987 and then October of '29. Oh, the humanity!

Yes. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about here, this October. It's just the Hindenburg Omen. Let me tell you something, if this kid from the real "Omen" shows up? Yes, then you be worried. That kid had like rottweilers next to him. That's when I'll worry. I'll look at that and be like — oh, no! Then you panic. Right now, it's just geeky financial talk. Don't worry about it. Eat your Ramadan dinner. It's great. It's great.

By the way, if you are a geek and you'd like all the information without the spooky kid, you just grab my free e-mail newsletter at GlennBeck.com and we'll have all of it in there.

Now, if I were the president and I had the Hindenburg — Omen, I might just remind you that you have the right, the constitutional right in this country to ignore this information. But since I'm not the president, I want to talk to you about the wisdom behind ignoring information like this. Not real wise.

I talked to you before about the perfect storm that has been brewing globally. The best way to describe it is that there are many different forces and factors all working against America simultaneously.

All of these things we have beaten in the past. But I don't think that we've ever hit all of them at once and survived. At some point, the storm is going to wash ashore and there will be nothing we can do about it if we haven't already battened down the hatches.

I want you to come with me. Come to Jamaica. Let's talk a little storm here. Come to Jamaica. Everything is happy.

Look at the perfect storm. And I want you to ask yourself, hey, what solves this? Does an election in November solve all of this? Does the president? Does the Tea Party Movement solve all of this in November?

Let's look at them one at a time. Number one on the list: the Middle East. We have more on this coming up in a while.

Kind of spooky stuff happening in the Middle East: Iran is getting closer to confrontation with Israel; another flotilla is headed out soon; tensions are heating up with Lebanon; and Obama — surprisingly — hasn't healed America's image as promised. Shocker! America is still hated by all of these people. Who saw that one coming?

Now, what's really nice is we used to be liked by [Israel]. But now, I don't think they like us too much and we apparently don't like them.

So — may I ask — the Republicans controlling the House suddenly in November, is it going to solve this one? I don't think so.

Next on the list: the economy. Again, let me remind you where economists are saying we're headed right now. It's great. You keep hearing all the talking heads, babble on the street that, oh, everything is good. It's going to be —

Now, I actually heard them on TV today scratching their heads because, they say, all of the businesses and the banks and the financial institutions, they're all doing really well. I don't understand what the problem is.

Because America isn't just a collection of companies. America — get this — people, individuals. We, the people. And right now, the people kind of suck. The companies are doing fine. Sure they are. But are the people?

Companies are doing fine in China. Is everything fine and dandy with the people there? No, no. I mean, besides the fact that they have about 500 million people below the poverty line and that whole kind of kitschy one child policy. What's not to love about that?

Companies are doing well. But are the people in China? But that's who our government keeps propping up — they keep helping. Not the people. The companies.

The latest is the $3 billion mortgage bailouts. Is that designed for people? No. No. Who's that going to help? The banks.

If the homes don't recover their value in the next 24 months and you lose your job — guess who still loses their house but — the banks? No. They get your neighbor's cash, to ease their pain.

So, you still get screwed. But the banks are OK. I mean, isn't this bad enough?

How about the unemployment? The unemployment number, they're saying, is 9.6. That's not the real unemployment number. It never has been the real unemployment number. The real unemployment number is called the U-6 and it's the broadest unemployment measure that is available. And that is 16.5. That's when — that's when everybody — they count everybody.

For instance, teenage unemployment, you know what that is? Teenage unemployment. Nothing better for a revolution than a whole bunch of teenagers unemployed — 26 percent. How about African-American unemployment? Oh, gee, 15.6. How about Hispanic unemployment? 12.1.

Do you know that 44 percent of all people that are unemployed are long-term unemployed — meaning, 27 weeks or longer? America's employment population ratio up until 2005 has consistently been above 70 percent. In 1950s, it was about 80 percent. Now? This is — it's considered good at 70 — 58.4.

Instead of unleashing innovation and creating a tax-friendly climate for the whole world to come here and bring their business and companies here so we can have some jobs, some ideas that maybe encourage hiring and growth, this administration is giving money — your money — to failing banks, failing insurance companies, failing auto companies, taking the money out of your hard-earned pocket and giving it to unions in order to save their butts. And you know what those people are doing it? They're sending that money, your money from your wallet overseas.

You know, you show me companies that are based in America versus those companies that sell all their crap or build all their crap overseas, and I'll tell you — I'll bet you — I'll bet you I know which one is doing well. Not the one who sells their stuff here and builds their stuff here. Why? Because the people aren't doing well.

Why? Because we have completely abandoned the whole concept of a free-market system. The whole concept of — here's an idea — merit. Merit -
- you have to do something.

Watch this. You have the 99ers. Have you heard of the 99ers? There they are. Oh, Democratic Socialist of America!

The 99ers — these people some of which I — frankly, I bet, you'd be ashamed to call them Americans. They think that 99 weeks on unemployment benefits just aren't enough. Last week, they went out to Wall Street and they protested. Ninety-niner Connie Kaplan asked, "Are you going to tell us, Mr. President and Congress, that our lives are not worth saving?"

Connie, here's an idea — help save your life. Don't spend your remaining money on travel to get to a protest. Go out and get a job. You may not want the job. Work at McDonald's. Work two jobs. There's been plenty of times in my life where I have done jobs that I hated. But I had no choice. Two years is plenty of time to have lived off your neighbor's wallet.

"Stop being so mean. These people are just regular people."

Are they? Are they really just regular people? She looks normal, doesn't she? Yes, there she is. These aren't regular people. These are "workers of the world unite." These are SEIU people, AFL-CIO, the Democratic Socialists of America. That's not regular people — they're socialists and anti-capitalist.

Do you remember seeing this photo on the Drudge Report last week? "A job is a right." By the way, here's the union label right there. No. A job is not a right. In the former Soviet Union it was a right. In Venezuela, it's a right. But not here.

How many — how many weeks of unemployment are enough? Really? If 99 weeks is not enough, how much is? Is it 100, is it 200? Is it a lifetime? Or is just a job a right?

OK. So you have — you have an economy that's headed for trouble. Remember, the experts say it's headed for — yes, the whole Hindenburg thing.

Now, because the economy is in trouble — civil unrest. We've already seen what's happening in Greece and Europe, they're burning cars because they're cutting entitlements. Again, is an election going to stop these three?

Another part of the perfect storm is our borders. Has anyone noticed the violence escalation on the boarder? Just last month, the cartels had a two-hour firefight with authorities — two hours. An Arizona sheriff just announced the border patrol officials are pulling their men off the border because it's just too dangerous. Well, that's great!

Here's an idea. Show me the map. Why don't you say we pull back — oh, I don't know, somewhere about here, Portland — is that enough? Why don't we pull back to Oregon? Why don't we give them California?

I haven't even mentioned the fact that car bombings are now happening on our border. And nobody seems to notice that car bombings — oh, yes, where do we see those? Hezbollah. Hezbollah is involved.

So, does switching from a few Ds and a few Rs in November make this go away? Will victorious Tea Party candidate send shivers through the spine of drug cartels and have them retreat from the border?

That's not even counting our biggest problem: Us. Because those are the enemies outside the gates? But what about the enemies inside? We've shown you on this program over again and again, those who hate the free-market system and the Constitution. You don't think they exist?

Let me show you a billboard in Arizona: "We don't have an immigration problem. We have a capitalism problem" — sponsored by Revolution Talk. Oh, Revolution — who doesn't like a nice revolution from time to time?

So, what is the cure for all of this? Is it the president? Is it the president? I mean, you know, is a Republican going to do it? Republicans are the ones that have the 99 billion weeks of unemployment. Their only complaint is it paid for? Has it been paid for?

Those things may — may — delay a storm from coming on shore. But it's not going to stop it. We haven't even talked about oil.

You think if we have a problem in the Middle East, we're going to have a problem with our to energy, seeing that we're shutting down the oil rig? If we have a problem with our energy and the economy is like this, do you think it might cause some more civil unrest? And if you think if we have trouble in the Middle East, we have no energy, the economy collapses and the civil rest — do you think the borders might be overrun? And, gee, do you think the enemies within might like that?

What is the answer? It's not Obama magic. It's not Congress. It's not the Republicans. It's not the Tea Party.

There is one answer — one. And if I may continue my quest to be — I don't know, the most hated man in America, the weirdest show in America — I don't know. Let me give you the answer: God.

These problems are too big. That's the only answer. And I know you don't like getting it from the boob on the TV on a news channel, but that's the only answer. I've been looking at this for a long time, gang!

Do you believe America was created through Divine Providence? Do you believe that God worked through our Founders? Do you believe that all men are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights?

If you don't, then this show is the wrong one for you. But if you say "yes" to those things, then you have to answer this question: Does this land have a purpose? Is there a reason we're here and we're free? Or is the purpose of freedom over? Because once we lose it here, it ain't around anywhere else.

Is God done with the whole free man thing? Is that a concept the God is like, yes, that didn't really work out? Is God now siding with the Chinese who pay their people 50 cents an hour that build hive-like dormitories over their factories?

For a while, they're just like, you know what, I don't know if — we don't call Lee "Lee" anymore, let's just give him a number. Is that whose side God is on? Is that the way God is looking at people and going yes, just call them a number?

If you believe that God indeed had His hand in the founding of this country, then don't you think He's kind of interested in its future? We've seen what happened to those who get careless in the past — every time. Every time. And every time, there are warning signs — every time.

Do you want to be the Romans and just disappear or do you want to make a difference? Do you want to say "We're not going to repeat it, we've learned from history?"

Now is the time, gang. Now is the time. Turn to Him. Before He decides OK, I guess they're never going to get it. And then He allows us to destroy ourselves. Then He turns to our children, or our grandchildren or our great-grandchildren.

Ronald Reagan, a man I love, said, "Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again." It is true. If we lose it, we will never see it again. We'll be lucky if our children or grandchildren do.

Please. Always dial for a fireman when you need help. Call Him. Call Him.

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